It can be overwhelming to hire a marquee in Coromandel if you are a first-timer. We may be biased, but we believe you are making the right choice and assure you that this is not as difficult as it seems. A marquee offers virtually unlimited possibilities for your event.

You can start planning your marquee wedding by learning all the tips and tricks. Take our ideas if you are looking for a wedding venue, an outdoor event, or a structure that can host a corporate event.

Top Marquee Hire Tips

1. Arrive Early To Avoid Disappointment.

Our marquees are available to rent all year round, but if there is a specific date you want to book (especially in summer), it’s best to contact us early to avoid disappointment. If you wait until the last minute to plan your event, you may not find everything you need.

We receive requests for summertime events all year long or even in years to come. So don’t hesitate if you are thinking about using a marquee for your wedding, party, or corporate event.

Contact us to get an estimate for a marquee

2. Size Does Matter.

How big is the space that you have available? How many people are you expecting to have in your tent at any given time? There are many options to consider if you have a small space. However, you will need more space if you expect your guests to be seated at tables rather than sitting. You should also consider catering space, as well as other utilities such as kitchens where caterers can cook the food, and if you need a bathroom block.

We create a layout based on your website and a CAD model to ensure that you are covered. This gives you a good idea of how the layout will look. Check out some of the below examples.

3. Be Ready For Anything.

Our team will make sure that your home is weather-proofed. Come rain or shine; you can enjoy the great British weather. If the weather suddenly changes, it’s vital to have enough indoor space. If you plan to have an outdoor party and want it to be held outdoors, will you be able to move indoors if necessary?

You can create a marquee that is open on all sides or use patio doors to allow guests to move freely from the inside or outside. This will help them escape the rain or scorching sun. On a hot, sunny day, guests will be looking for shade to cool down. This is especially important if your marquee is located in a large open space without any shade. Clear walls are also a great way to give your guests a feeling of being outdoors and shield them from the weather.

4. Maximize Your Surroundings.

It’s important to keep an eye on the weather, but you should also make the most out of the outdoors. It’s worth considering the style of your home if you have a stunning view or gorgeous flowers. You can use a canopy with a roof or large windows that let you see the whole view. Or clear walls and roofs for a stunning view. Lighting is also important. Consider lighting up the outside trees with festoons or lanterns or even a monument nearby.

5. Seating Plan.

Remember that theatre seating, long tables, and round tables all have different footprints. Consider if you also want areas for relaxing and dining, such as couches near the bar area for guests to retreat to. When hosting a seated meal, you should also consider the space between tables. To allow enough room for waiters and caterers to move around. To ensure that guests receive a good service. No one wants to bounce through the room or fall over chairs to let others pass. You can redesign and reuse your space if you have a small space. We are willing to discuss different options with you.

6. Don’t Forget About Furniture And Other Accessories.

Unlike other structures, marquees are not furnished. You can choose what you would like to do, and you can use the marquee as a blank canvas. We have excellent connections with local decorators, stylists, planners and designers to help you determine how you want your space to look and to avoid unnecessary stress.

7. Comparisons.

Compare prices and consider the reliability of the suppliers you select. Do they have adequate insurance? Are the interior and marquee covers in good condition when they arrive? Do you have confidence in the team that will construct the structure and the suppliers with whom they work? Are the structures sufficiently secured? They have visited the site with you and evaluated it.

It is important to maintain your marquee so that it looks like it belongs on the day. Our marquees will be clean and pristine throughout the entire day thanks to our modern marquee washing machine. We are happy to say that the majority of our business comes from repeat or referral customers. We believe this is due to the superior quality of our marquees and our personalized service, regardless of the size or type of event.

8. Entertainment Value.

Can you find the space needed to entertain your guests? Decide what type of entertainment to provide. You can choose to have a DJ, a band or anything else you want! Most bands need a specific size of stage to accommodate their equipment. We have to include this in our plans and spaces. You should consider whether you will also need green rooms for your show. This is a place where they can relax or prepare when not on stage. If your marquee is located in a home or venue, you may be able to provide some space for them. You’ll need to find another space if you don’t have one.

A screen that is designed for wedding marquees is a great idea. The morning reception is beautiful, but as the evening falls and the guests prepare to dance, the draped curtain panels are raised to reveal an illuminated stage and dance area.

8. Danger, Danger, No Voltage?

The power source must be sufficient to meet the requirements. When catering, entertainment, lighting, and sound all require large amounts of power there is often a lot of wiring. We are skilled at hiding wires in a stylish way. It is important to not overload the power supply from a safety perspective. You can hire generators if power is not available at the venue. They will power any external utilities such as toilets, lighting, technical equipment, or caterers. We recommend a backup generator even if you can connect to mains power. This will ensure you don’t run out of food, electricity or other necessities to take your party to another level.

9. Time Restrictions.

It can take a long time to set up a marquee and to take it down. This is why you should plan your schedule to allow for this. You should let the marquee company know if you need a temporary structure in place quickly or if you have time restrictions. We will give you an estimate on how long the construction and dismantling of your marquee is expected to take. We will detail our full construction schedule once we have concrete plans. This includes the dates of furniture delivery and the completion date. Arriving on site. You’ll know the timeline of events leading up to the event.

These are all great things to consider when you contact us about a marquee. We will however discuss these and other topics in our conversation with you. Any questions that you might have, we’re here to answer. We are here to guide you through the process of renting a marquee for your event, ensuring that you have all you need. We can create a solution for you that is the perfect backdrop for your event.    For more details –

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