Indian decorating is all about adding colour. This is also one the most original and traditional ways to decorate our spaces. The colour palette we have is vibrant and broad. It includes all hues, from the earthy tones of ancient times to the pretty pastels of today. You can use colours in a variety of ways. They can be used alone or together. Each colour has its own unique characteristics. They can set the mood in a room and create a feeling of calm and harmony. Consider the purpose of every room and each object before choosing their colors. Also, consider how they make your feel. Yellow, for example, is great in the kitchen because it can lift your mood and give you enough energy to get started your day. For your children’s room, light shades of blue and pink are great; for your bedroom, deep midnight blue is a good choice. There are many shades available in every color and each has its own effect on mood and mental state. If chosen carefully, colors can make a big difference.

More lighting

Your home will be more attractive and appealing if you have lots of lighting. This will highlight its strengths and hide its flaws. You can choose from a variety of lighting options to brighten your home, including floor lamps, table lamps and hanging lamps. You can grab them all, change the sizes and symmetry of your lighting and then upgrade it wherever you need. Lighting can be used to highlight specific walls, corners, artwork, statement pieces or other details. This will allow you to bring them to life and make them more enjoyable. Don’t forget lighting the corners, nooks and corridors. Lighting cabinets in the kitchen can make it easier to cook and do other tasks. It will also add a unique touch to the space. This can be done with energy-saving tubes or bulbs. They can also be cleaned more often to improve their brightness and efficiency. Artificial lights, as well as colours and mirrors, can help increase the light in your home.

Add curtains

Curtains are an essential part of any home. They not only control the light but also separate spaces and provide privacy. Curtains have a high decorative appeal and are available in many different patterns, colours, fabrics, and materials. The characteristics of each room will determine which one you choose. If the room is dull and has neutral colors, it is a good idea to choose curtains that combine the colours of the furniture and other decorative elements in the room. The curtains can be adjusted to reach the floor or end at the sill. This will depend on your preference and the style you want – casual, formal, or traditional. Although transparent curtains are in style, they don’t provide privacy. You can make your own curtains if you’re a skilled sewer.

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