Concealers are denser compared to the regular foundation and it is available in tubes, pots, sticks and creams. Women apply concealers to hide blemishes, dark spots, marks, wrinkles, and under eye circles. To choose right concealer for you is quite easy. You just have to choose a concealer, which will be a shade lighter than your foundation. The concealer should always be applied on the skin with the help of a small fine tipped brush.

For all women concealer is like a true gift. As not all have flawless skin complexion. Hence the concealer is said to be the best makeup product. Even the dirty pimples can be hid with the help of concealers. Buying a stick concealer will be good for you, as the creamy and liquid concealers can be really messy at times. After applying the concealer, you must immediately apply loose powder on it, so that the concealer gets properly dry and sealed on your face. For some women only applying concealer will be good enough but for those who feel the need to apply foundation can do so.

But take care that your foundation should be a shade darker than your concealer. Never to apply a white concealer, as it looks very dirty. Apart from white any other color you can choose. The concealers that come in small pot are not that suitable, as you will need to dip your finger in them to remove the concealer. Tips to apply the right concealer – In case you have blue marks or dark circles, then go for a concealer with yellow undertone. As this concealer will be one to two shades lighter than your actual skin tone.

Thus the marks will be hidden completely, without anyone even knowing them. Many women apply pink concealer to hide the pimples but it makes the skin look red. Rather try a yellow concealer. You can test the concealer shades on the inside of your forearm, before buying them. To hide the under eye marks, always apply concealer using your index finger. Apply gentle pressure and blend it outwards.

This entire thing should be done smoothly. Many women suffer from the bags under the eye, but it too can be covered neatly with the help of concealer. Remember to apply the concealer below the bag and not on the bag. If you will apply the concealer on the bag, then the bags will get highlighted instead of getting covered. Sometimes after applying the concealer it becomes dried makes the wrinkles and fine lines visible, you should try using eye cream before applying the concealer.

It is not good to keep on applying concealer again and again thinking that you have not applied enough. One more trick is to apply moisturizer on the entire face before applying the concealer. Keep the moisturizer for some time and then dab away the excess with a tissue. Hence you will get a soft skin for applying concealer. In case you have pimples and you are using concealer to hide them, then after applying the concealer dust little powder on it.

If you feel that the skin has become dry because of the concealer then anytime you can apply moisturizer. Steps to apply concealer – Take a small quantity of concealer on your fourth finger, and apply it from the outside corner of the eye inward, and back side out again. Many women forget to apply concealer in the inner corner of their top lid. You must put small quantity of the concealer slightly below your dark circles to avoid the raccoon-like look. Either you can apply the concealer first and the foundation second or the foundation first and the concealer second. Either way is okay. Only important thing here is to blend the concealer and the foundation properly. You can blend them perfectly with the help of a triangular makeup sponge.

You should never rub your skin though. After applying the concealer, smile looking into the mirror and check whether it is looking even on the entire face. In case you feel the skin is uneven, then with a tissue paper spread it neatly. You can even consider buying concealer brushes. But most women prefer using their fourth finger to apply concealer. The fourth finger exerts very less pressure and hence does not damage the skin in any way

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