Everybody needs to bring work home at one point, regardless of whether it is a stack of documents or a Macbook. You may need a separate area to keep your mail and bills organized if you don’t work in an actual office. Even children need a place to study or do their homework. No matter what your needs are, there will be an office space that you need. It can be a whole room or just a corner. Or a pull-out shelf. These are some modern home office design ideas to help you select and stimulate your office decor.

1. Find a window

The Lucite table placed underneath a window creates an office area in the bedroom. This is where utility meets style.

2. Construct a Nook

Kira Obermeier, designer, created a hidden working space using the built-in as a wall.

3. Layer one pattern over another

White wall paneling with palms, a gray table and leather winged armchairs in matching wallpapers and draperies are the perfect backdrop.

4. Closet Makeover

Brighten the closet with small-scale furniture, bright paint and streamlined lighting.

5. Get warm with the white

A white workstation does not have to be cool. This simple color scheme can be complemented by gold and burnt orange accents.

6. Conceal in Splendor

The fissure-carved veneer doors open to reveal an office with a desk, wooden shelves and other supplies.

7. Pair up your decorations.

The double abstract expressionism draws the eye to the area, which adds a sense of chill to an otherwise monotonous multipurpose workspace.

8. Break the Monochrome

Bright artwork can be hung to add contrast to a color scheme.

9. Patterns

The armchair’s design is enhanced by a brown-and-white cowhide over a seagrass rug, and the knitted window curtains add more complexity.

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