CP Stories: Brittany Lopez

Ethan Lopez, the Toddler, was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia cerebral party (CP) and dystonia when he was two. Brittany Lopez, Brittany’s mother, shares her joy with her son taking everything in stride today.

Brittany Lopez and Esteban manage demanding jobs while caring for their 3-year-old son, just like most parents who have a child.

The Lopez family lives in Austin, Texas. But life can be difficult for them. They must also consider the many therapies their son may need each day and the normal toddler chaos.

After his parents noticed that he had not reached his developmental milestones, Little Ethan was diagnosed with quadriplegia, spastic cerebral palsy and dystonia. His family is determined to see him succeed.

Brittany says that Ethan can’t walk or stand-alone and, and while he is aware of his differences, he’s happy and content. He will likely undergo his first surgery at the age of three- or four years old. However, he can still self-propel, crawl and sit independently. He rides his adaptive bike with his friends and enjoys riding it. He enjoys playing, wrestling and being silly.

Ethan has therapy before he goes to school. He rotates between occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physical therapy three days a week. Ethan’s family day begins at 5:30 a.m. Brittany is a corporate controller at veterinary clinics, Esteban works as a mortgage broker, and Ethan goes to preschool in Austin. The couple ensures that Ethan has a healthy life and a balanced work-life balance.

Brittany says that “he is into cars, books, and a TV series called Puppy Dog Pals.” He even has a stuffed doll of Lollie, a character from the show who uses a wheelchair. Although Ethan’s life is not easy, the CP Research Network has been a lifeline for our family. Anyone in our situation would be encouraged to get involved in the network. We will do everything we can to make his life as fulfilling and satisfying as possible, whatever that may look like.

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