Since time immemorial, floor tiles have been gaining popularity every year when it comes to interior decoration. For a variety of reasons, they have been the perfect choice for being the most preferred material used by multiple builders even to this day and age. 

However, there are still several misconceptions that are floating around people’s minds especially regarding floor tiles, which is the reason why people sometimes make the wrong decisions. In this article guide, we’ll be going through some of the most popular myths and thereby busting them with scientific explanations, so that you can have peace of mind when choosing bathroom tiles in NZ services provided by Tiling.co.nz

Busting The Common Misconceptions About Floor Tiles

Myth #1: Floor Tiles Cost More


It should be noted that most homeowners out there are unsure when it comes to the price of floor tiles. Thereby, it becomes a major source of confusion when trying to gauge the overall cost in case floor tiles are added into the mix of interior decoration. Tiles are mainly preferred over other materials such as marble because they tend to be a cheaper alternative. Moreover, you can also expect to enjoy an increased number of varieties when it comes to shapes, sizes and styles within an extended price range. 

Therefore, you can make a decision depending upon the features you want and need to be combined with the price range that suits you the most. 

Myth #2: Floor Tiles Are Difficult To Clean


There will be times when some homeowners out there will avoid choosing floor tiles just because they’ve heard that tiles are difficult to clean up and get dirty very easily.

None of this information is true and is just a hoax, made to ensure that homeowners always go for higher costing products instead of floor tiles. But, it should be remembered that if the right floor tiles are bought with the right coating, they can become pretty easy to wipe out and clean regularly.

Myth #3: The Variety Of Styles To Choose From Are Less


There are quite a few people out there who think that there are limited styles and variety available when it comes to floor tiles. But, in reality, that is simply not the case at all.

Due to the advancements in digital printing techniques along with materials such as recycled glass and vinyl – any type of design or pattern can be obtained with the help of floor tiles. Furthermore, you can even choose the colour you want for your tiles – thereby allowing you to match your tiles along with the rest of your household. 

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