Carpets are crucial decor elements for both our residential and commercial properties. However, they aren’t immune to myths. 

Many people fall prey to such apprehensions, decreasing their chances of buying a rug for improving their room’s aesthetic appeal. Since we don’t want you to be deprived of the beauty of a carpet in your home, here is a list of common carpet myths that will be debunked in the post below. 

  • Highly Challenging to Maintain/ Regular Cleaning Will Ruin the Carpets
  • Rugs Are Quite Easy to Maintain

All you need is a vacuum cleaner and reliable carpet cleaning solution, and that does the job quite well. No need for specialised equipment. However, you can always hire the experts of commercial carpet cleaning to your aid when you feel your carpets need a thorough cleaning. 

As for the other part, if there is something that regular cleaning would do, then it’s only enhancing the lifespan of the rug along with its appearance. Irrespective of the kind of carpets at your property, feel free to vacuum your carpets at least twice a week to keep them tidy and germ-free.

  • All Rugs Are the Same

One of the biggest myths of all times is that people believe that all rugs are made from the same material. 

From natural to factory-made fibres, there are several types of carpets in the market, ranging from wool rugs to nylon carpets. Buy the carpet fibre which fits the bill for you. 

  • Rugs Are Not Safe for the Pets

It could be true in a vice-versa situation, but not in this case.

Kids and pets love to spend their day on the carpets, so almost all carpet fibres are safe and pet-friendly. Opt for hard-knotted varieties to minimise any chances of danger to your pets. 

  • Carpets Lead to Aggravated Allergies

It’s both true and false.

Clean and tidy carpets have nothing to do with your allergies. In fact, they improve air quality in the room by trapping allergens. 

However, if your carpets haven’t been cleaned in a long time, they will turn into the perfect breeding ground for germs. Once germs enjoy their stay in your carpets, you will be facing aggravated allergies. 

Keep your carpets clean, and you have nothing to worry about. 

  • Rugs Can’t Be Used in Summers

This myth originated at a time when only woollen and heavy material rugs were prevalent as they provided warmth in the cold months. 

However, with better technology and the changing times, rugs are now available in a variety of materials such as cotton which are suitable for the warm months as well. 

Didn’t this post work as an eye-opener for you, shunning all carpet myths? If yes, then feel free to share it with your mates and encourage them to get beautiful rugs for their property today. 

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