All you need to know about the drama that unfolded between Chase Hudson and Charli ‘Amelio

Since the explosion of TikTok in a flurry of cheating allegations and drama, Chase Hudson has revealed that he had sex with Josh Richards’ ex-girlfriend, Nessa. The beauty-influencer community felt so strong that the tea fell on its knees. There have been so many changes since then that you might need to be reminded of the events. Keep reading to get a refresher on all the drama and everyone involved.

Have you ever heard of it?

Chase finally talks about the situation three months after the drama that ended all drama. Dixie D’Amelio’s YouTube show featured the topic. She said that Chase wasn’t loved after the incident, but “things have been slowly coming in his favor.” She is most likely referring to Chase’s accusation of Griffin for cheating with Dixie. This seems to have turned out to be true.

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The Dixie D’Amelio and Lil Huddy Show

Chase stated, “That day was an exciting day.” “A lot of things were going through my head. Nearly everyone on social media was coming for my neck. Chase stated that he doesn’t regret doing what he did.

He said, “It’s better not to lie than to be honest.”

He explained that if you pull up the receipts and say what needs to be said, there is no other way to tell the story. If you tell them, they can’t say anything that they don’t already know.

How did it all start?

The drama that broke out on Monday, July 6, began slowly. TikTokRoom, a TikTok drama account, started showing evidence that many people weren’t following each other on Instagram. Current and former members of Sway House are Quinton Gifts, Jaden Hossler and Josh Richards. Also, Blake Gray and Anthony Reeves unfollowed Chase Hudson and his friend, Nick Austin. Thomas Petrou did not follow Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett, while Chase and Nessa were unfollowed.

The tweets began to come in. Josh and Jaden both had similar sentiments about fake people on Twitter. Jaden stated, presumably referring to Chase’s unfollowing. “I just didn’t want to see fake faces so I unfollowed Chase.”

Josh said, “Sometimes it’s necessary to eliminate the fake people from your life.” You give them f*cking second chances. They go behind your back and try to f*ck again. The biggest advice I can give you is to learn who’s real. All the best to everyone, and I wish them all success.

What was Chase’s next move?

During all the chaos surrounding Chase’s confession, Chase made another statement via Twitter. He accused several TikTok stars, including Chase, of cheating on their partners.

He wrote, “Since all of my drama must be put on the Internet for the world to judge us,”. He accused Griffin Johnson, Jaden, Josh, Nessa and Josh of cheating with Mads Lewis.

Wow! How did people react to that?

This elicited a lot of reactions. Charli immediately criticized Chase for not taking responsibility for his actions. She wrote, “Stop blaming others for your actions Chase.” Do you want me to speak with you about how you treated me during our relationship, or are you content to continue playing the victim? “

Dixie, her sister, also spoke out and ignored the allegations against her boyfriend. She said, “Ur wild.” “Stop being a victim and be concerned about your own health.”

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