A community is built by residents sharing fun and engaging entertainment ideas. Planning a community event can be rewarding and fun, regardless of whether you want to build trust with your tenants, establish a positive culture in your area, or organize an outdoor activity that everyone can enjoy.

Many events can be held in the outdoor spaces that your community uses. You can have hours of entertainment in the outdoors at parks or courtyards. This will help you get to know your neighbors and improve your community.


For the Fourth of July, Memorial Day or any other occasion, put on a spectacular fireworks display. You can bring your community members along with blankets and lawn chairs to watch the spectacular display. This can be turned into an all-evening party with food trucks and vendors, as well as live music for your guests.

Vendor Fair

A vendor fair is a great way to promote small businesses in your community. You can sell tents to food and craft vendors, hire performers, and bring life to your park with the incredible products that are made right here in your community. It’s a great way to meet local vendors and to feel good about supporting quality businesses that give back to the community.

Movie Night

You can rent a portable big-screen projector or project a family-friendly film onto a blank wall in a public building next to a park. Invite your families to bring snacks and blankets, or to set up old-fashioned popcorn machines for everyone. The chance to share a heartwarming movie with your community will be a great way for everyone to bond. Make sure you get a public performance permit to show the movie in public. Also, budget for the time it takes to do this.


Offering a barbecue party at your local park is a classic summer activity that encourages people to be involved in their community. For a unique flavor, you can grill crowd favourites like hot dogs or burgers, and rent a backyard smoker. Place the barbecue area near a playground or picnic table and encourage people to bring their lawn chairs and blankets to make it more comfortable for all. To keep everyone happy, you can set up lawn games such as ladder ball and cornhole.

 Food Truck Festival

Food trucks can either be a part of an entire event, or they can just be a food truck. Food truck festivals support local businesses and give residents a taste local culture. It’s also a great way to encourage community involvement. You can park food trucks in a park, or on the streets of your neighborhood. Then you can hire live performers to play the music at this block party.

Give community members a voucher to try food from different trucks, if possible. A friendly competition can be created by asking people to vote for their favourite trucks and naming a winner at end of day.

Live Concert

Open-air concerts can be held in your park. Hire a cover band to perform for a well-known musician, or give local musicians a chance to shine. Many talented people in your community would love to perform for an audience.

Even better, ask local schools to host a choir, band, or orchestra for donations. This will help spread the word about the importance and value of music programs in schools.

Car wash

Get a group of volunteers together to organize and manage a car wash line. This can be done as a fundraiser for local schools or community groups. People will get to know the organizations they support as they wash their cars. Your community leaders can join the fun and show that they are committed to helping the people they serve.

You have the option of offering a drive-through or turning this into a full day event, where people can enjoy food and music while they wait for their cars to be washed.


A parade is a great way to show off the community’s talents and values. A traveling celebration event that combines music, dance, art, and other activities. You can create a parade through your downtown, ending in a park where spectators, parade participants, and musicians can enjoy food, music, and photo opportunities.


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