Restaurants are more than just a place to eat.

Restaurants should be an experience.

Restaurants that create lasting memories are what makes them great. When a restaurant does its job well, customers will leave happy about the food, conversation, and experience they shared with their friends.

Arcade Games

If you feel like you are experiencing deja vu, millennials long to play the arcade games of yore.

These classics might be familiar to you, but many people today are nostalgic for when they were played as kids. The Get Well Toronto bar is known for its incredible selection of arcade games, great pizza, and excellent beer selection.

You can buy a few cheap arcade games on eBay to entertain your customers while they wait for their food. You never know; they might stay longer and order more drinks to try to score high.

Aerial Silks

The size of your restaurant will determine how much you can use aerial silks.

Aerial silks are a very popular entertainment option for nightclubs and special events. Nothing is quite like watching two ropes swing through the air, seemingly at the brink of death. Your customers will remember the spectacle and be able to recall it for years to come.

Interactive Art You might want to think beyond the taste if you are a top-end restaurant that is thriving with sophisticated diners. To create memorable dining experiences, you need to tap into all five senses. Many restaurants now incorporate otherworldly visuals as well as tantalizing scents into their menus in order to wow diners.

Tokyo’s Sagaya Restaurant has teamed up with teamLab, a digital art agency, to create an immersive dining experience. TeamLab says that when a dish is placed on the dining table, the visual world within it is released, expanding onto the space around it and out into the surrounding area. A bird that is painted on a ceramic plate can be released and perch on a branch of a tree made from another dish. This gives customers an experience beyond just dinner.

Slam Poetry

The revival of slam poetry has seen a rise in popularity. They can attract large numbers to small restaurants and cafes with intimate settings. Poetry that is great for slam can create a sense community between the poets and listeners. This gives your customers plenty to talk about while you are enjoying a meal.

You should consider inviting some more established poets to your slam poetry evening. Also, don’t forget to include some open mic for newbies. After you have gotten to know the area, you might want to host regular slam competitions. Customers will build a relationship with poets and keep coming back for more.

Photo Booth

You’ll get a lot of love on Instagram for being simple and classic. Retro anything, just like arcade games, is very much in fashion right now among a younger generation who grew up in front screens. The photo booth Polaroid, a classic from the past, may end up all over Instagram with your tagged place.

Entertainment options can be a great way for customers to talk about your food and create memorable dining experiences.

Trivia Night

Trivia night is a staple in any college town. It’s a great way to get people to test their knowledge and possibly win a prize.

What can you do to get people involved in trivia nights? These are some suggestions!

Mystery Menu Events

Are you unsure of what you are getting? It’s so mysterious!

Loyal customers, as well as adventurous foodies, will not be able resist a mystery menu. Offer a 3- to 5-course tasting menu for a single night. Then, surprise your customers with the next dish. Everyone loves surprises!

Tastings of wine or whiskey

Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio? You can have both!

Why not use your wine list if you have a restaurant? It’s easy to please your customers if you own a bar.

A great way to promote wine is to allow customers to try the wine at a discounted price.

Although whisky tastings are not as elegant when paired with food, they can still be done well if there is a good selection of whiskeys, bourbons, scotch and rye. A great way to attract the late-night crowd is whiskey tastings!

Host a Podcast Recording

Podcasts are the fastest-growing entertainment medium in the world. Hosting live podcasting events is a hot trend in podcasting. This podcast will often have a large following so any chance listeners have to see their favorite podcast hosts record a live show, is an exceptional occasion.

You can also sell tickets in advance – you might consider donating some to charity!

Podcasters only need space to film. This could be a stage, or a bar table with stools. They will usually be able bring all the equipment required, such as microphones and recording gear.

A packed house is the result. The podcasters also get to show their appreciation for fans by mixing with them – everyone wins!


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