Just like a small leak can sink a big ship, a small water heater inside your home can quickly become a massive problem – if you don’t take care of the same from the beginning. It can damage your floors, walls, and even sub-flooring as well. As a result, your home will become a wet & damp area – perfect for molds & mildews to grow exponentially. 

It should be perceived that the growth of molds or mildews inside your home is not a good insignia because it can lead to severe allergies and respiratory diseases among your family members. With that being said, we are bestowing some essential recommendations on how you can deal with a leaking water heater inside your home – with the help of drain cleaning plumber services. 

The Process To Deal With A Leaking Water Heater

  • Power Supply Turn Off

The first step that you should be taking would be to stop the flow of electricity to your water heater. You can either proceed to directly power OFF the heater from the circuit breaker or in case the heater has its dedicated switch, then turning it OFF might do. 

If your water heater runs on a gas source, then turning OFF the gas supply will do as well. The main idea here is to stop the functioning of the system before you can perform any further actions. 

  • Water Supply Turn Off

The second step that you need to take would be to prevent any water from flowing into the heater. To do that, you need to stop the source of the cold water and shut down the same. You can find the valve on the water heater unit itself. 

Closing the valve is easy as you just need to dial the valve clockwise to close down the entry of water. In case there is no such separate valve for the water heater, then you can proceed to shut down the primary water source simply. 

  • Call For An Emergency Plumbing Service

Even though there’s an option for you to perform DIY (Do It Yourself) tricks on your water heater without consulting a plumber – the process is simply not worth it. The reason is that you will not have sufficient experience to deal with problems such as this. 

However, if you can proceed to call for a plumbing service, you will be assured that your issue will be solved right away with very little headaches. An experienced plumber will make sure that the whole situation is evaluated in the correct manner before any work is started on the same. 

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the problem reoccurring since necessary steps will be taken by the plumber to solve the issue once and for all. 

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