If you have been in the dating game for a while then you must be aware of the trend of blind dates. The experience of going out on a date with someone whom you have never met kind of sounds interesting. In fact, blind dates are actually fun if you are open to the possibility of meeting someone awesome. Here are some reasons as to why blind dates are worth giving a shot! 

Date from Your Social Circle 

It is not a daily occurrence when your friend recommends someone to you and thinks that you two will actually get along. But when they do, why not give it try? And what is the harm really? It is not like you are guaranteed to meet your soul mate but giving it a go is worth it. Moreover, your friends will only suggest someone after carefully thinking about your match. So if your roommate thinks that her friend could be your type then give it go! If not a boyfriend, then maybe you will find a good friend in them with similar interests. 

The Intrigue 

Isn’t it completely fascinating when you meet someone out of the blue and might even get together more than just once? Such is the thing with dates. When you are going to go on a blind date there is always this mystery about how the other person would be like. And the anticipation can be quite nice too. Why not go for it? There are various dating agencies in Sydney that can match you with someone for a blind date. 

No Need of Too Much Effort 

So it would take you a lot of time and energy to find someone suitable on your own. You would have to go through tons of dating apps, create a profile and actively look for dates. But the thing about blind dates is the fact that they are so effortless. Someone sets you up on a blind date and all you have to do is to show up. So if you would rather prefer a laid back approach for dating then blind dates are really good for you! 

Something to Talk 

If you think that things would get awkward between you two then you can always blame the friend that set you up! At least that will make things light hearted and fun for the two of you. This is way better than meeting someone from a random dating up. When your friend or an agency sets you up, they do so after finding out about your interests and personality. It is not based out of a geographical algorithm and there are more chances of finding someone suitable. 

The Old School Blind Date 

You might have only seen people going on blind dates in the movies. It is a great way of getting to know someone out of the blue and actually connecting with them! Imagine that your friend has this acquaintance that he thinks to be good for you. You decide to give it a try and hey you actually get along! Isn’t that wonderful? But what if you are not open to the idea of blind dates only? So it all begins by being adventurous enough to take the chance. You might have already tried online dating then why not give blind dates a go? If you are on a look out for a great blind date then seek help from a Sydney dating agency

Stories to Tell 

The thing with blind dates is that there are always stories to tell! If it goes well then you have something exciting to share with your friends. Whereas, if it goes terribly wrong then too you can always have a good laugh about the same! So just for it and let things happen on their own. 

Going on blind dates might sound old fashioned but it is at least better than doing a complete social media check on someone before even meeting. What if you two click and it turns out to be amazing? 

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