Though it’s under your feet, it’s definitely the first thing anyone notices in your home. Yes we are speaking about your carpet! Whether it’s an expensive layer of exclusive hand-woven pure wool carpet that you are a proud owner of, or a simple basic one to provide some comfort to the bare feet, it surely speaks a lot about your lifestyle and choices. And not just the material, even the tidiness and cleanliness of your carpet reflects your personal habits and preferences (pssst… and even the hygiene of your home!).

And if you are someone who’s too obsessed with tidiness, and love having a spic and span home, a dirty carpet isn’t your forte! Therefore it’s crucial to keep your carpet spotless and germ free by giving it a “spa” once in a while. How? By calling christchurch cleaning services for carpet cleaning in Christchurch! They handle the job meticulously. Not only cleaning your carpets, but also maintaining your upholstery, leather, etc. thoroughly, leaving no traces of germs, stains or mould.

How Can You Say if Your Carpet Breeds Mould?

The biggest concern for anyone worried about a clean home is having mould on their carpets! This not only gives your home an untidy look, but also is a reason for many health related issues. So, in order to avoid any kinds of the dangers of the same, be sure to catch the first signs of mould in the carpet and prevent it from multiplying at any cost by observing the following:

1. Foul Odour in the House —Though you may not notice the foul smell hovering in your house (you are acclimatised!), but your guests will complain about the same when they enter the place. Once you are sure of this musty smell in the house, be sure to check the carpets first. There’s a high chance that moisture that got retained in your carpet for a day or two built up mould consequently causing this weird smell in the room.

2. Lots of Allergy Cases — Mould being a common cause of allergies! So once you witness a spike of allergic tendencies amongst the inmates, be sure to check for mould in the carpets.

3. Damp Areas on Carpets — If your carpet has been wet for a long period of time, then there are very high chances of mould formation on them. Also, even if there are a few areas with dampness on them while the other part is dry, there could be some amount of mould on this damp area.

4. Stains On the Carpet — If you see a sudden green, black or while coloured patch on the carpet, it certainly is due to mould formation. Though this is an advanced stage and can easily be recognised, it is an SOS call for action to prevent it from spreading further immediately.

5. Old or Worn Out Carpet — If your carpet is pretty old or somewhat worn out, even then you may doubt some mould formation. It is better that you checked the carpet soon to clean it as early as you can.

If all the above or most of the situations are ticking the box, it is better you call the professionals immediately to clean the carpet thoroughly for you. Once it is disinfected and cleaned, you can be rest assured of restoring perfect hygiene at home.

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