Each person has their own dominant and distinctive colour preferences. We also know that adults need to muffle their wilder decorating ideas, not like teenagers who might want to paint their entire space with their favourite colour. Or perhaps you don’t. You can bring your preferred colour into any space in many ways. You don’t have to use it as wallpaper or paint. It can also be used in smaller ways with smaller products that allow you to easily change the look whenever you want. You don’t want to make your choice of colours too jarring. Instead, choose pastel shades that are diluted from the same color palette. If you want drama, then pick from opposite ends of a color spectrum but keep it complementary.

Here are some ideas to help you add your favorite colours without having to paint the walls. This can be done with playful/informed choices of bolsters. cushions. runners. fittings and accessories for electrical appliances. outlines to windows. entryways or seating corners. dramatic furniture with funky covers. These are just a few of the other options you have.

TILES Tiles can add drama and drama to any space. They can be used as individual pieces or strategically placed on the walls. You can add interest to large rooms by placing them in areas where people are most comfortable. You can also place them in places that aren’t visited often to give them some life. You can also use tiles in entryways, arches, and beside light sconces or window frames. Another exciting design topic is kitchen backsplashes.

There are many options for tiles that you can choose from, including glitter, metallics and pieces with 3D effects. This is especially true when it comes to floor tiles. You can have pieces of art imprinted onto tiles like Van Gogh’s sunflowers or even pieces of art created just for you by well-known artist. Or, you can revisit the comfort of popular patterns from Moroccan and Mughal cultural traditions.

LIGHTS – The easiest way to make your own colour through lights is by using fun colored bulbs and pop fixtures. There are many DIY kits online that can be used to make the former. You can also ask your local electrician to recreate your lighting design from a reference. They can also be made into patterns or words. You can choose a phrase that you like and have it custom made. Lamp shades made from leather or textiles can be a great way to bring your favourite colors into your room. Modular or themed paper lanterns can be fashionable and engaging in a variety of colors. Stain glass lamp shades are expensive for a reason. However, it adds a conversational piece to a room and, while it’s a vintage touch. A commissioned piece would add a contemporary story.

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