It’s something we would want to avoid being stuck in, especially if it meant that we were on a train or plane for 18 hours. It can be tedious and exhausting, making staying awake for long periods difficult. If we have children, it can also make it more difficult for us (and them!). With enough planning, you can ensure that you have everything you need while on the road. This list includes podcasts, crafts, and kid’s stuff to help you cut down on your next big trip.

Take on an arts and crafts project.

A crochet project can help you relax if you suffer from travel anxiety. You can quickly go to the craft shop, pick up some yarn and a needle, and start a basic project. These Lion Brand crochet kits are an excellent option for advanced projects, particularly this Woven stripes Throw and this Cowl Poncho. It can be challenging to embroider kits, especially if you have to do a lot of jostling. They are beautiful and make excellent home decor. This Etsy floral one is lovely, as well as this tote bag embroidery kit by Heidi Boyd.

Beings movies and TV.

It’s a great idea to watch movies while on long trips. Although you will need to download the movies for offline viewing, it is easy, regardless of whether you download from Apple TV/iTunes or Amazon Prime. Shondaland offers many recommendations for movies and TV series you can download from Netflix. These include TV shows with stunning costume designs, movies about unique friendships, and films based on true stories.

Privacy screens can be used to block people from looking at your computer. You should also bring a pair of noise-canceling headphones and a cable in case your Bluetooth connection is lost. It’s under $5, and it’s perfect for people who don’t have wireless headphones or a Bluetooth connection but still want to watch a movie together.

Talk to your neighbor.

It’s not to say that it is a person, but it is sometimes true that the best thing about traveling is the people you meet along your journey. This is a good idea in theory and can lead to strong connections. However, knowing when your seatmate might be done talking is essential. Otherwise, you will become the person.

Listen to a podcast.

It’s a great way to relax and download podcasts. What I don’t think you’re right about is that the podcast explores pop-culture moments and people that have been misunderstood. It includes everything from Princess Diana to Stella Liebeck (the woman who sued McDonald’s because her coffee was too hot). Criminal is a true-crime Shondaland Audio podcast hosted by Holly Frey, Maria Trimarchi, and others. Literary friction is an excellent podcast for book lovers. It even includes a list of books! The spectacle is the perfect gift for those obsessed with 90-Day Fiance and The Real Housewives. It’s an unscripted history of reality TV.

Listen to some music.

Music is essential when traveling. You can download your favorite playlists to Spotify and check out the Insecure Official, which includes over 400 songs. You might also consider downloading calming music, such as classical music, for anxiety and sleep.

Play games

If you have ample table space, games are also an excellent option to make the time fly by. Think of games that spark connection and discussion, like trivia games and this Hygge conversation game. What Do You Meme? is an amusing option — it’s similar to Cards Against Humanity but with memes. Playing cards are always a classic, and the modern-art touch to this deck is classy.

Create a travel journal

You can use your travel notebooks to keep track of things while traveling or returning from your destination. Think of your travel journal as a bullet journal. To give your notebook a sleek look, you can use colored pens or stencils. These slim, beautiful notebooks by Day Designer are great for the notebook. Use washi tape or Polaroids taken from your travels to decorate them.

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