It’s 2012 folks and the future is here, this is the year we’ve been waiting on! At the start of the new millennium 2012 was seen as a year that big things would happen. We’d have hover boards, holiday trips to the moon, political figures we actually respected and to round it all off the Mayans would send us out with a bang! Unfortunately, it is unlikely any of these things will take place before hell freezes over but one thing we have seen in the last dozen years is a breakthrough of fashion!

Growing up in the 90′s I couldn’t wait to see what the new millennium had in store for our generation and more importantly, if the style side of things would improve at all. Even as a small child I considered myself very ‘fashion forward’ and there are a few outfits I regret not putting my name to. Such as this one time, in primary school when I dropped a slice of Billy Bear ham on my brand new GAP fleece and decided that the combination was far too ‘chic’ an opportunity to miss so I balanced it there for the rest of the day – eat your heart out Gaga.

With one eye on current trends and the others on those to come I’d like to -without looking too cross eyed- present the incredible fashion you can expect to see in stores during this all round advanced year!
Warning – these fashion statements should only be considered by the very bravest of trendsetters as they may not be fully socially acceptable or health and safety approved.

Twilight Paraphernalia
We have already seen a pandemic of “Team Pale Kid” T-shirts, hoodies and various other polyester blended garments sweep the globe but this year I predict couture designers and up and coming textiles students jumping on the bandwagon. The release of S/S fang inserts and a ridiculous amount over priced ripable black T-shirts are already a cert for this season but nearer the winter I can say with the utmost confidence that we can expect faux wolf coats with detachable snouts to be paired with Twilight star Taylor Lautner’s discussed fragrance “Damp Dawg”

Recycled Jewellery
Technology has advanced and so has our wonderful planet but as we all now know if we don’t clean up our act Mother Nature’s will have our guts for garters. This has resulted in every bleeder and their granny “going green” but 2012 is the year that saving the earth goes from endless trips to the bottle bank and “bags for life” to high end. As far as the manufacturing goes I can admit I haven’t a clue how they will do it but nearer the end of this year I see a jewellery boom for household produce and waste. Silage earrings, and compost necklaces are two pieces I expect to see in abundance with this year’s glamorous party season outfits!

Stationary inspired attire
This trend will bring a whole new meaning to the words ‘pencil skirt’.
We have all experienced ‘Geek Chic’ and the ‘Slutty Schoolgirl’ but this trend will blow all other education related fashion out of the water.
I foresee many a lined dress, shirt or trouser legs with various margin widths depending on your adventurous threshold. Designer pen lid hats will encounter countless eye gouging incidents but you know what they say ‘no pain no gain.’
I feel the line should be drawn somewhere between pencil case earrings and ring binder flip flops although who knows how I’ll feel during those warm nights during exam time.

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