Experts have their way to get things done professionally. Sanding and polishing wooden floorboards is never an easy task. A lot of skills and tools are required. Then the professionals may also make use of heavy-duty sanding machines.

There are a lot of hurdles that need to be overcome. The room has to be vacated and doors may also have to be removed. This is one reason you need to hire the best floor sanding & polishing team. Expert hardboard sanding and polishing services will have access to the best techniques and tools.

Some experts may also have years of experience in this field. They are aware of accomplishing the task in the best possible way.

Removing base shoe

The first most important task is to remove the base shoe from the edges. This will always ease the task of sanding and polishing. Prying is usually done on all types of floorboards. Once the sanding and polishing task is completed, the base shoes will be replaced.

This technique will always eliminate the touch-up task in the later stages as well. It offers an even finish on the entire floorboard. Sanding the edges of the board is important for the best result.

Remove stains manually

If you have a pet at home, then stains are common. In most cases, the professionals will ensure that pet stains are removed manually. These types of stains may not be easy to sand using a sanding machine. Performing the task manually will only prove helpful.

Heavy-duty sanding paper is generally the best tool to treat all types of stains. If the stains are deep, do not attempt to reach deep; this will only damage the floorboard. You may have to replace the entire board. That may be an expensive option.

Room prep task

Before the sanding or polishing task, the room has to be prepared. Experts will generally make use of quality plastic sheets to cover areas that do not need sanding. The ducts will also be covered so the sanding dust does not enter.

Window and doors

Sanding and polishing is not possible unless door and window coverings have been removed. If the door opens indoors, then sanding is not possible. The window covering also has to be removed. The room should be vacated completely. 

Carpets and furniture have to be moved out of the room. If the room is vacant, then the professional will make use of a sanding machine. Any low fixtures also have to be removed or covered with a plastic sheet.

Always test the sanding and polishing tools at frequent intervals of time. The corners of the floorboards also have to be scrapped manually. Even the coating of the polish layer is applied. Floorboards are never polished manually. Professionals will always carry the polishing machine with them.

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