Many homeowners are likely to face problems with roofs like roof leakage, peeling roof paint, surface corrosion, etc. Roof painting is a simple way of maintaining roofs. It is not just aluminum or metal roofs that can be painted but tiles, slates, boxes, etc. also seem to be in the same direction. Both glazed and the unglazed roof walls can be painted with any colors of your choice. 

Steps Involved in Painting Roofs

  • Cleaning of Roofs

The first step in the painting of roofs is roof cleaning. Effective methods are encouraged for cleaning roofs but it can be done by simple broom and stick as well. A high-pressure walker provides the highest penetration to nooks and corners of roofs. You can try out a DIY project. Cleaning iron roof with a degreaser before painting it helps a lot. The effect comes out after a year when the roof has weathered all the oil away.

  • Preparation of Roof

It is important to know your roof before painting it. If there are any cracks or repairs needed for the same, then it needs evaluation and repairs. If the damage is irreversible then it must be replaced. Nail, mountings, screws, etc. should be put on inspection. Nowadays, rusting of the iron roof can be stopped with a primer. The existing layers of paint need to be removed first before building up new paint. House Painters in West Auckland does the same thing. 

  • Choosing of Roof Paint

Knowing which colors help in reflecting or darkening of rooms comes in handy while painting roofs. Consider the suitable type of colors for your roofs. Hiring a professional painter becomes necessary at this point. They know which color is best for your roof. If you want to reduce the amount of heat-reflecting on your roof, the best way is to put reflective colors on the roof.

  • Beginning of Roof Painting

As the first coat, apply a thin color and primer. Fill the gun spray with paint and use it repeatedly till you get the desired color of your choice. Allow the paint to dry before putting on the second coat. Be careful while getting down the roof so you don’t step on wet paint. Don’t paint in the rain. Put the first coat as soon as you put the primer. Do not wait for the primer to dry.

Between replacing and repainting a roof, replacing is higher in cost and also requires more effort. With many layers of coating on the roof, it will need replacement in the future. But, if repainting helps add new life to the roof, you can do so! Repainting adds longevity to the roof and makes it durable and, in the process, saves a lot of money.

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