Garment bags are a veritable must-have item for the traveling professional. Sometimes called suit bags, garment bags are designed of more flexible materials and usually meant to allow you to conveniently transport hang-up articles.

Blazers, suits, and jackets would all be suitable candidates for hanging up in a garment bag on your next trip. Women’s business suits and skirts can also stay protected with garment bags since garment bags will keep your finer clothes wrinkle- and dust-free.

The garment bags below feature what all garment bags should – a strap for slinging the garment bag over your shoulder and heading to the airport! Some garment bags even allow you to fold the bag in half for easier transport.

Piel Elite Garment Carrier

Featuring three unique color finishes – saddle, chocolate, and black – the Piel Elite garment carrier is a garment bag that’s designed to fold in two and fit snugly in enclosed travel spaces. Folding your clothes at just one spot of your garments shouldn’t cause wrinkles.

The Piel Elite garment carrier is a terrific option if you’re a working business professional that needs a garment bag for a short business trip made during a working week. That said, because the Piel Elite can house up to three suits you could easily make a week-long out of it and enjoy plenty of variety.

As with the next item on this list, the Piel Elite features two large zip compartments so that you’ll have plenty of room for tech gadgets and toiletries. The brass hook and shoulder strap on the Piel Elite are ideal for the traveling professional.

AmeriLeather Wheeled Leather Garment Bag

Featuring cowhide leather construction and an expansive book-opening design, the AmeriLeather Wheeled Leather garment bag looks extremely professional. In fact, this bag looks downright beautiful and comes in your choice of black or brown to suit your aesthetic preference.

Two exterior pouches with double zippers allow for easy access and quick storage of all of the accessories and traveling items that you’ll likely store with your suits and jackets while on the highways and byways of America – or perhaps you’re traveling internationally!

No matter, the AmeriLeather Wheeled Leather garment bag will be your traveling companion for a long time since this garment bag features inner denier polyester covering on the inside to protect your favorite suits. Zippered mesh accessory pockets provide you with many options; your tech plugs and gadgets will be safe.

What about the star of the show, though – the main compartment? The main compartment on the AmeriLeather garment bag is extremely expansive and features two doors and room for two closet-rod hangers on each side. That means there’s no reason you can’t pack a suit and a casual jacket while you’re on the road.

Degeler Carry-on Garment Bag

The Degeler carry-on garment bag, as the name implies, is keen on accommodating working professionals, empowering men and women in professional settings. The Degeler carry-on garment bag comes in your choice of five colors; all five colors feature an incredibly resilient titanium hanger and German engineering.

Butler Luxury Garment Bag

The Butler Luxury garment bag gift package is truly a unique offering on this list because it features three luxury wooden hangers – your choice of dark walnut espresso or butterscotch.

The fact that this gift package also comes with three museum quality garment bags makes the value that much more impressive. Butler Luxury offers this gift package to accommodate individuals with suit sizes 42 and below and another option for suit sizes 43 and above.

For world-class quality and value, nothing rivals Butler Luxury. Consider Butler Luxury your one-stop-shop for luxury men’s suit, coat, and trouser hangers as well as women’s skirt, suit, and coat hangers. Still stumped on a holiday gift? Consider Butler Luxury gift cards for the special someone in your life.

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