The summer season is the only season during which homeowners will love to use their decks all the time. However, like a lot of the other areas in and around a house goes unnoticed for long periods, the same can be said about home decks. Most of the time people postpone any deck checkup until and unless the situation worsens over time and thereby becomes a must-to-do chore, leading to costly repairs & headaches.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a homeowner or a home buyer, carrying out a deck inspection is always a great idea. A proper deck inspection will lead to a better maintenance schedule and therefore the deck can be used for a long time without spending on unnecessary repairs. 

A Deck Doesn’t Last Forever

According to a professional home inspector in Ellsworth, wooden decks generally have a life expectancy ranging between fifteen to twenty years. With the help of regular maintenance procedures, life expectancy can be extended. However, wooden decks are always susceptible to destruction by external agents.

That’s why we always recommend getting your decks inspected during the home inspection process. Once your wooden deck nears its end life, inspections become much more essential. Such an inspection can prove to be the difference between a catastrophic deck failure and the deck performing for some more years. 

Why Do Wooden Decks Often Fail?

Any untreated wooden item will fail at any time. Wooden items are highly susceptible to damage risks due to rotting or pests. So, if your home inspection report finds out that there’s damage, the deck board should be replaced. Moreover, the deck should be inspected whether it has been anchored ideally to the house because any loose fasteners can lead to failures or breakdowns. 

Some of the other areas of a deck that require regular inspection are – supporting braces, joists, posts, metal brackets and the corner joints where the board planks meet. You also need to take special care of the stairs because they remain anchored to the deck surface with special metal inserts or brackets. So, if your deck is old, then non-maintenance can lead to the stairs falling off. 

Additionally, if you can properly maintain your wooden deck, you’ll be able to deter the formation of corrosion on the metal insects and the intrusion of wood-boring insects such as termites. Furthermore, we suggest applying a new deck coating every year to prevent any wood damage due to changing weather. If you can keep your deck well-maintained, it’ll remain safe to use for a long time. 

Lastly, if you’re in the market looking for competent & trustworthy professional home inspection services, don’t forget to get in touch with our team. Simply set an appointment and we’ll be right there at your home. 

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