We all enjoy watching dance competitions. We don’t know that dancing can be fun and a great way to keep our bodies and minds healthy. Running on a treadmill in the gym is boring and monotonous to burn fat from pepperoni pizza. You can start taking dance classes today and reap the benefits of dancing. You can also keep connected to your Indian heritage by learning Kathak, an Indian dance form. You might be asking why? Read the article. These are five reasons Kathak classes should be taken up.

  • Kathak: Storytelling through Kathak

Kathak, Sanskrit for “to tell stories”, is the Sanskrit name. Kathak dancers tell stories through facial expressions, rhythmic words and graceful twirls. Kathak is a way to discover more about Indian culture and heritage. Kathak dancing is based on ancient sacred texts. Every dance lesson tells the stories of gods or goddesses. This is a great way to teach children anecdotes about great epics such as Ramayana and Mahabharata. The dance form also includes carefully chosen aspects of Indian heritage, such as costume, makeup and music.

  • Medium of expression

Kathak dancers learn to express themselves through their bodies and eyes during their dance show. In its purest form, the dance helps you recognize unrecognized emotions and allows you to express them. This helps you to have a positive attitude and inner peace.

  • Therapy with dance movement

As the name implies, this art form has been used to help individuals address their psychological, social, and cognitive needs. This therapy is based upon the belief that mind, body, and spirit are interrelated. The dance therapists assist their clients in developing effective communication skills, improving relationships, and better understanding their problems and how to deal with them. The therapy effectively treats many illnesses, from serious conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s to common problems such as stress and tension.

Kathak dancing, in light of movement therapy, is a dynamic theatre. Kathak can be considered a stimulant that affects the whole body. It helps to release anger and suppressed emotions. This dance form includes footwork that incorporates therapeutic torso movements.

  • Reduce those calories

The cliche is true, but I couldn’t ignore it. Our bodies become less active due to our current lifestyle. You could learn Kathak to reward your body. The experience would be wholesome, spiritual, and a way to give back. Kathak is a very high wellness quotient. Kathak Yoga, which “takes Kathak into spiritual practice,” requires the practitioner to bring mind and body into one focus.

  • Health benefits

Experts believe this type of dancing improves cardiovascular fitness, blood circulation, attentiveness, bone strength, and muscle strength. It is believed to slow down wrinkle formation. Kathak is based on the belief that our minds and bodies are powerfully merged. Kathak footwork is a great way to increase blood flow to the soles of your feet.

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