Waterproofing the bathroom, basement, or any other area is not a DIY thing. Your handyman will also not come to your rescue. You will need the services of a waterproofing contractor, and not an ordinary one, but the best one in the city. But house owners tend to make numerous mistakes and do not hire the right company. 

So, here are the primary things to avoid when you hire a professional waterproofing contractor. 

  1. Not checking the credentials of a company. 

Even if you have a referral with you, you are supposed to do the due diligence of that company. Check for the credentials like memberships and associations, certifications, experience, license, insurance, etc. If you do not check these, you will end up hiring a random company and seek an incomplete outcome. So, it is important to evaluate a company’s background before you shortlist them. 

  1. Not asking about the staff. 

A company’s efficiency is determined by the staff they have employed. You need to ask particular questions about the staff as they would be the ones working at your site. Ensure that the staff is highly trained, well-equipped, and know what they are doing. If you ask a specific question to the staff, they must be able to answer it promptly and correctly and not stare blankly at you. 

Also, the staff needs to be humble and courteous and must cater to your special requirements. Listen to what the company says about the staff. If they don’t have anything special to say, you must not be hiring it. 

  1. Not asking about the materials to be used. 

Waterproofing membrane in NZ is about skill, expertise, and the kind of materials used. So, you have to be conscious of the materials used by a contractor. House owners do not check this aspect, and the contractor uses the sub-standard quality of materials and charges excessively in the invoice. This results in overspending on low-grade materials that are not sufficient for waterproofing the area. You need to go for only those contractors who clearly explain the type of materials they use and are proud of it. 

  1. Not checking what the previous customers say about the company. 

Along with the evaluation of credentials, you are also supposed to know what the customers say about them. You can check the reviews and ratings on the web, but ensure that you hop on to other portals. The official website of the company often tells nice stories about themselves. Hence, it is advisable to check other platforms and know what the customers truly want to tell you about the overall experience. 

Conclusively, if you avoid the above four things, you can hire a professional waterproofing contractor and get your task done easily. 

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