Not all homes are built in the same manner. Since technology is quickly progressing, the fixtures & systems in luxury homes are improving as well. These luxury homes might bear some resemblance to the normal homes that home inspectors inspect regularly, but in some areas, they can be different from the usual layout and mechanics. 

So, the big question – can home inspectors inspect luxury homes? Yes and there’s no doubt about it. To help you learn more about luxury homes, in this comprehensive guide, we’re going to discuss some of the trending features that are found nowadays by home inspectors inside luxury homes. 

Top Features Found Nowadays In Luxury Homes

  1. On-Demand Programmable Showers

According to professional services for a home inspection in Nashua NH, programmable showers are the next upcoming technological innovation for bathrooms. With the help of programmable showers, you can control the water pressure of the incoming water, stray type, water temperature and the like. Moreover, each person in your family can have his or her separate setting. 

  1. Efficient Smart Thermostats

There’s no denying that programmable thermostats have definitely revolutionised the way we heat and cool our homes. And with the help of smart thermostats, the industry is again changing the way we use our thermostat systems. You can expect smart thermostats to do a lot more than programmable. In fact, these thermostats are a better version of programmable thermostats. 

It should be known that a smart thermostat starts off as a programmable thermostat, but over time it will start learning about the usage patterns of the people living inside a home. As a result, smart thermostats will help in energy saving in the long term without compromising any comfort. The thermostat will learn what to do when it’s empty and when it has people living inside. As a result, it will automatically lower or raise the temperature based on the same. 

  1. Better Electrical Wiring

There’s no use in investing in high-quality appliances and devices if the wiring inside the house is not efficient and has been installed properly. Good quality wiring will always prove to be safe and efficient over time. For example, if the wiring isn’t good enough then it cannot support powering high voltage appliances and thus the home’s electrical system can start facing short-circuits and outages.

  1. Efficient Lighting

It’s impossible to call a home ‘luxurious’ if it doesn’t have efficient lighting to go with it. With the talk of global warming and environmental sustainability going around, being energy efficient is the way to go. And to do that, a luxury house needs to use only LED lighting and nothing else. 

With the help of LED lighting, luxury homes can save up to 30-40% of energy per year. 

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