Recycling, reusing and repurposing is not only trendy and saves you money, but also is extremely an enjoyable thing to do and thereby keeps you responsible towards the environment. And in case you’re an avid DIYer, then repurposing stuff will be much more rewarding to you compared to a common man.

Even though the possibilities are quite endless, we’ll be discussing some of the most popular ways through which you can quickly repurpose your old windows and use them for other reasons. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for fashion or function – reusing is what matters the most.

Methods To Reuse Your Old Windows

1. Using The Window As A Picture Frame

This is one of the easiest ways to make use of your old windows. Look out for a lightweight window frame that also looks great and you’ll be fine to use it as your photo frame. Your job would be to mount your photos behind the glass of the window or remove the glass altogether and just use the bare window frame with the photo. 

In case you want the window frame to match your interior decor, then the best thing to do would be to paint it according to your like – using DIY spray paint cans – as the overall cost involved will be less and the process will be seamless. 

2. Using The Window Frame As A Chalkboard

While manufacturing a picture frame out of a window frame might seem easy – turning the same into a chalkboard would be a child’s play by comparison. It doesn’t matter what size the window frame is of – as long as the frame has its glass intact, it can be used as a chalkboard. Be sure to first clean the glass with a mop bucket before applying the paint. 

You can find chalkboard paint readily available at most hardware stores around you and once you’re done painting the glass, your job will be completed then and there. You can use the chalkboard in your workplace, office or even when teaching your small kids. Moreover, a chalkboard is extremely useful when taking notes or when you have to write down a phone number quickly. 

3. Using The Window To Build A DIY Greenhouse

Out of all the other options listed here, this is the most time-consuming DIY project. However, the time that you’ll be spending will truly be worth it – especially because you’ll be able to create your greenhouse garden with plants. 

You can use the windows to covert the roof of a small storage area into a transparent surface through which sunlight can easily pass through and voila, you made a greenhouse. Such a greenhouse is extremely useful in providing much-needed heat and sunlight to your plants. 

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