Sometimes it can be difficult to feel like this when auditioning or working. Sometimes it’s simply that something isn’t right. This could be due to many factors. Being “acting” instead of being present is due to nerves, attention, and preparation.


Ladies and gentlemen, preparation is key to success. Success is dependent on preparation. The more you prepare, the easier it is to trust your work and rely on it. When I feel confident in my preparation for auditions, it is easier for me to receive a callback. There have been times when auditions were a little daunting for me. It is often because the role was perfect for me. These rare events occur once in eleven years! Maximizing your preparation will be the best and most reliable thing you can do.

Acting is like being an athlete. Preparing for your game is equally important. You will feel erratic, indecisive and unfinished during your preparation. It will feel like you are ‘pretending’ or doing a lot of acting in the room. Producers and casting directors can quickly tell if an actor has not been properly trained.

They are fearful and anxious. When they don’t have the option to make bold decisions, they choose to remain safe. Here lies the key: understanding the heart of the scene. It is crucial to dig down the scene’s roots and find the truth in the text. Are you unsure where to start? Are you unsure where to begin? This article explains scene analysis. Learning lines. Objectives. Next, you can practice it all online in our scene group.


Declan Donnellan stated in his seminal work on Acting, The Actor & The Target:

An actor can’t do anything without a target for his entire life.

He refers to the place your attention is and what you concentrate on when immersed in a scene. If you feel that you are ‘acting’, you may be thinking about yourself and the things you are currently thinking. How can you return to the present moment? Place your focus on the other person and let go of yourself.


Nerves will always exist. Gallup polling in 2018 found that 41% of respondents feared public speaking. Performing in public can be nerve-wracking, even for professionals with years of experience. Performers face constant anxiety and pressure. If you are anxious or stressed, it is possible to avoid acting out. What can you do?

Prepare as I’ve already said, then believe that you have done all the work required to succeed. When you arrive at the audition or job, you will feel exhausted. It is not helpful to worry about how well you are prepared. This is the right time to believe in your abilities. Believe in yourself and be confident about your preparation. Rely on your abilities. This is what you should believe and do to feel relaxed.

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