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Oct 08

Treestand Safety with Hollywood Hunter Using Tree Stand Buddy

Posted by: admin |


This is the time of year when my fellow hunters, and clients, are climbing their treestands hoping that big buck they saw on their trail cams all summer will walk right in their path.


But before the rifle can be shot, or the arrow nocked, you need to be prepared to get into your stand safely, quietly and effectively.


Let’s face it -treestands are a cumbersome thing to carry. And you are supposed to climb vertically for 20-30 feet and then somehow mount this heavy chunk of metal to your tree without falling off. I don’t know about you, but I’ve found it takes a certain form of agility and balance to maneuver stands into place.


I’ve guided all sorts of hunters at the Harteis Ranch – from pro-athletes to guys who just want to get away for a week. It didn’t matter what shape they were in, once I got them to a tree and they wanted to hang their own stand, the dance would start. Climb, position, stumble, position, swear at stand, position, almost lose a finger, position. It is the same and frankly, it made me uneasy!


Then once they were in the stand, I would hear later of how the stand squeaked, or it moved on them during a critical time. I had enough, I needed a product I could trust to put my family and clients in and that would perform for me year after year.


I came across Tree Stand Buddy and their product has been a savior. Watch this video to learn more: The two biggest selling points for me was SAFETY and EASE OF INSTALLATION.


Since we implemented Tree Stand Buddy at the Ranch, our confidence in installing stands and ensuring our clients a successful hunt has grown exponentially. Our number one goal is to keep our clients safe, and Tree Stand Buddy helps make it happen.


Next, I’ll explain more about how we use Tree Stand Buddy at the ranch and the success of our clients because of it.


Aug 20

Zeiss Optics improving the Hollywood Hunters Vision

Posted by: admin |

Confidence in my optics brings me success in the field, that is why I choose Carl Zeizz Sport Optics.

I am here in LA looking at the Mountains from a distance anticipating a great fall ahead.  Being the Hollywood Hunter, I know how critical it is to have the best optics on the hunt of a lifetime.  That is why I will not settle for anything but the best.  The Victory RF Binoculars by Zeiss fit my high standard and demands with precision engineering.  These optics generate either a 45 or 56 mm objective, fast and accurate Laser Range Finder, Ballistic Information System, and T* Multi coated Lenses for unmatched vision.


Get yourself the vision of the worlds most efficient hunters.

Apr 11

Hollywood Hunter goes to New Zealand’s Spey Creek Trophy Hunting

Posted by: admin |

Last year I had the opportunity to harvest the #4 Red Stag with the bow. This was one of my life’s biggest accomplishments in the field. Since that experience I had decided to go back and do it again with the ones I admire and love.















Last week Jeannie, my father, best friend Matt, and Doctor Russell headed out to the south island of New Zealand. Once we arrived in Christchurch we headed north to Kaikora, where we met up with our friends from Spey Creek trophy Hunting.

The Hollywood Hunter crew was there to catch all the action and the hunt began. The second morning my dear friend and Pro Staff Member Matt Lingle shot a beautiful GOLD Stag. I have to say, as this stud of an animal preceded to roar as he walked 20 yards from us, we were all freaking out. The Knight 50 Cal. Mountaineer did the trick. This has to be the best Stag footage I have ever seen.







Day 3 Doc Russell got trigger happy as he brought down a GOLD + stag with his Knight Disc Extreme. It was such a joy to see Doc so overjoyed knowing this was a dream come true for him as well.









Day 4 was my turn as Wyatt ran into the lodge saying, “Hollywood!” Your stag is out in the lower meadow lets go get him! I wasn’t going to argue ;)

We proceeded to make a great stalk and brought this GOLD stag down with the 50 Cal. Disk Extreme from Knight. The Bloodline bullets did the trick with the Hodgeton 120 grains of powder.



















There is nothing like having my bride by my side for this hunt. This was a complete dream come true for me.

Big Fred, was now off to find something bigger than all of us. He has always been a competitive spirit. Day 5 dad brought down this 450+ Stag, which should be in the top 10 in the world with the muzzleloader.










I have been extremely blessed to experience this adventure with friends and family. Stay tuned for this new season of Hollywood Hunter June 27th at 7pm EST on Sportsman Channel.


Mar 15

Tracking the elusive Mountain Lion

Posted by: admin |

I had a privilege to meet up with my buddies from Trajio Creek Outfitters in Colorado last week. We were in hot pursuit of a mountain lion that has been killing the deer and elk on the Harteis Ranch.

We timed it perfectly, as I watched the storm getting ready to hit the Rockies we were flying into Denver. From they’re my field producer Paul picked up Daniel (Jeanie’s Brother) along with myself. The goal was to get a license and try to get to the ranch before to late, so we could get a few hours of shuteye.

The next morning we were up bright and early to find out there were no track on the Harteis Ranch. Heading back to the lodge we got a call from Daniel Borrego saying they cut a track near Cachara. We hit the ground running that direction. After several hours tracking the cat with dogs we realized the cat dropped off some hellish rock cliffs.

The next morning we were all out searching several properties for tracks. I get a call from Jim our ranch manager. He tells me there is a fresh track heading down into one of our canyons. I was fired up to say the least.

The guys showed up an hour later with the dogs and we ran that cat the whole way to the bottom where it crossed on state land. At this time it took me several hours to get permission to enter. The snow had melted off the hill and we ended up  just going for an armed hike.

I guess it doesn’t always happen like you envision. We are hoping to get snow before the end of the month to close the deal on this cat. Stay tuned, as we will persist until season ends.


Feb 02

Easter Sports Show

Posted by: admin |

The Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show is the largest consumer event of its kind in North America. Attracting outdoor sports enthusiasts from Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Washington DC to view hunting and fishing products, plan outdoor sport and camping vacations, shop for fishing boats, RVs, SUVs, motorcycles and ATVs, and participate in a wide range of sport-related contests and family entertainment offerings.

Check out the latest and greatest outdoor products and companies in the business. Also, plan on being entertained by special events. Please be sure to check out

I am so excited to see you all at the show.  You have to come by and say hello...we will be at booth # EB 416 in the New Archery & Hunting Haven.

**The Hollywood Hunter (Freddy Harteis) will be at the booth to meet and greet:  Feb 8th -12th.

Come check out all the exciting things happening at booth EB 416:

1) Hollywood Hunter Flier with New Hollywood Hunter season updates.

2) New Hollywood Hunter Trailer (Come check it out).

3) Harteis Ranch Hunting Information for 2012.

4) Hunter Athlete System Books/cds on Sale!

5) New! Hollywood Hunter T-Shirts on Sale!


Jan 02

Knight – Long Range Hunter

Posted by: admin |

Guaranteed long range accuracy to 200 yards with Knight’s beautiful muzzleloaders. The quality and craftsmanship of these guns alone will impress even the non-hunter.

What makes Knight stand out to me personally is their attention to every little detail with their guns. They have a 27” stainless steel “spiral-fluted” Green Mountain barrel that has either a 1:28 (.50 caliber) or 1:26 (.52 caliber) twist rate and special lug system to provide supreme performance.

They have what is called a “palm swell” for your grip that is extremely comfortable and is designed to help reduce recoil and increase your gripping capabilities.

I have taken some incredible animals with my Knight muzzleloaders and have the confidence to make those long shots accurately because I know that I can rely on this brand time after time.

If you were BORN TO HUNT then you were born to hunt with a Knight Rifle.

I like to shoot,

Hollywood Hunter Approved!


Dec 08

Holiday Fabulous

Posted by: admin |

OMG!!  Friends!  Check out Style Networks Holiday Special hosted by my bride and I.  Yes, the Hollywood Hunter will be found on STYLE Network this Sunday Dec 11th 7/6c.  Grab your loved ones and let Holiday Fabulous get you in the mood for a blessed Holiday Season.  With you all much joy over this years celebrations to come.  Learn more at:

'Tis the Season for Style

Jeannie Mai and her hubby are throwing a party for all their Style friends, and you're invited! Cozy up to Holiday Fabulous Sunday, December 11, at 7/6c

Check out promo advertisements at my Facebook:  Hollywood Hunter

Happy Holidays!

Your Hollywood Hunter


Nov 13

Hunter Athlete System

Posted by: admin |

HAS – Hunter Athlete System

110,000 hunters die each year from heart disease

70,000 hunters have strokes each year

81% of all hunters are overweight

Improve your Hunt by first improving your Health with this amazing system!

The Hunter Athlete System has been designed and developed specifically for hunters (at any level) to improve their lifestyles and safety practices to reach the ultimate goal of an outstanding hunting performance.

Don’t become a statistic on the injury list when there is preventative information at your fingertips. I have collaborated with some of the most prestigious doctors in medicine to help improve your hunts and most importantly your health.

Check out and select the HAS tab on our home page or visist and search for Hunter Athlete System to find out more information. Enjoy your hunts knowing you are prepared and confident to take on anything!


Aug 16

Get Rak'd UP

Posted by: admin |

For all of you hunters out there that love to reminisce about your great hunts in the past please get ready to embrace the future of technology.

With the Rak’d Up system you can now capture all of those great memories on high definition Rak’d Up equipment. With a Rak’d Up’s mounting bracket system you can attach your Canon HD or Standard Camcorder right alongside your weapon of choice.

Capture that shot of a lifetime on video wether it be out in the field on a hunt or simply enjoying your precious moments with friends and family. The Rak’d Up system is absolutely awesome. I incorporate the Rak’d Up system alongside all of my professional Hollywood Hunter equipment and stand strong behind this great product.

Create a piece of history to share with others by getting Rak’d Up. I’ve even got my wife Jeannie obsessed with using the new Rak’d Up system for recording all of her great website blogs. It’s easy to use, and you will have nothing to lose. (Especially on HD Video).

The Hollywood Hunter Series showcases the Rak'd UP system in every episode.  Watch as your host Freddy brings down some giant trophies all Rak'd UP.  To order you system go to


Aug 08

Hollywood Hunter Experiences Deerassic Classic

Posted by: admin |

I have been hearing for years about the Deerassic Classic. This year I did something about it. I had the privilege to attend and be part of their Celebrity appearances. Over the past few days I had a chance to rub shoulders with some of the people I have looked up to in the industry. I also enjoyed meeting every hunter I possible could. I love seeing others so passionate about the sport.

The Deerassic Classic is a 3 day give-a-way and expo to raise money for the Deerassic Park. I respect this facility so much for what they do for kids. While many adults may not recognize the name, Deerassic Park strives to promote youth participation in the outdoors.

This event showcases some of the most recognized brands in the industry as well as great speakers and bands. Did I forget to mention some of the biggest giveaways from Side Raffles, Speed Raffle, and the worlds largest 50/50.

I was very humbled with the opportunity to share about the Hollywood Hunter Series. The NEW Hollywood Hunter Trailer came off as a hit as they used this to introduce the show to the crowd. It was such a great venue to share about my vision for this series.

Hope to see you all there next year!


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