It can be hard to please large crowds, especially when there is limited space. Communication can also be difficult with such large numbers. It is important to engage people and make sure they take away the message.

Interactive entertainment is more appealing to guests because it allows them to connect with the event on an emotional level. This interaction increases loyalty and creates a faster relationship with guests, which leads to higher attendance at recurring events. We have selected some great ways to have fun and get your audience involved.

Ice Rinks

You don’t need to have it snow to offer a fun interactive activity to your guests. Synthetic ice rinks are increasingly popular. Although they don’t use wet, the best synthetic rinks offer comparable skating experiences and can be built indoors as well as outdoors in the summer. Synthetic ice rinks can accommodate large groups and are both energy-conscious and eco-friendly. This unique opportunity allows guests of all ages to be active.


They don’t require attendees get up from their seats. If you have the right MC and keep the pace fast, quizzes can be a great way for large audiences to get involved. You can have teams write down the answers and mark the scores at the end. Or, you can use an iPad or event app to instantly score and display a leaderboard. Mini-games can be made based on event themes and include bonus rounds, giveaways, and best team name. You can use technology to create images, videos and puzzles.

Interactive Games Activated by Crowd

You can now use enhanced technology to show games controlled by the audience participation. Audience voice activated arm wrestling, for example, involves splitting the crowd in half, and giving them two distinct sounds, e.g. Clapping and shouting. Software picks up sounds, and the loudest sound wins the game. The digital display shows it as an arm wrestling match. You have many other options, including table tennis and soccer on the screen. Each interaction technique is different, but this will get the crowd moving.

Fitness workshops

As attendees place increasing importance on their health, fitness workshops and ideas with healthy undertones are always a big hit. You can have a leader take the crowd through the warmup, do some music, and get them moving. This is best done in large open spaces (festivals can also be used), but you can adapt the exercises to fit your space and do intermittent, high-intensity moves right on the spot.

Interactive Wait Staff

Interactive wait staff can be a great way to reach large groups with limited space. You could have a singing or dancing staff, as well as impersonators or rollerbladers serving food and beverages to guests. These ideas spark conversation and provide memorable experiences and ideas.

Digital Graffiti Wall

These are not only fun, but also useful. They encourage everyone to try their hand and show off their creativity. You can scale this up to accommodate a larger number of contributors. Individuals can also publish their masterpieces and have them taken for photos. Or, you can even have your design printed on merchandise such as t-shirts or tote bags. The event feedback plan could also include digital graffiti walls, where participants can create responses to questions and express their feelings about the event.

Candy Matchmakers

This is especially effective for large groups. You can buy specific candy in pairs or in groups. Make sure to have different kinds. Before the event begins, tape them under the chairs. Then when the game starts, ask attendees to form teams according to the candy bars they have. The group can then be asked to bring all their empty wrappers to the front. Also, remember to buy candy in equal numbers to ensure that you have equal groups to continue on to the next game. You can also add branding to budget candy, or give them their own names as a unique sponsorship opportunity.

Throwable Mics

Throwable microphones are a great way to interact with large groups, especially during panel discussions or Q&A sessions. They can be used to eliminate the need for runners, provide a fun element, and allow attendees to get their microphones faster, streamlining the session. By holding a cube or other shape, rather than an awkward microphone, they make it easier for attendees to feel comfortable and casual.

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