Decor is slowing down this year with some long-lasting trends and some classics returning to fashion. However, the timeless staples are still in style. You can create a home that is both trendy and stylish with so many options. Continue reading to see our selections of the best interior design ideas in Kolkata.

  1. Vintage Kickback, 1970s

Just a touch of vintage can brighten up any space. For homes that are in the making, you can use warm neutrals such as mossy greens and fiery orange. You can find beautiful designs and colors at your local thrift shop or renovate an old couch.

  1. One with Nature

You can take your environment-inspired decor up a notch this year by adding real plants to your home. The addition of greens to your space will enhance the natural hardwoods and soft browns, as well as filtering the air. You will also feel a great sense of joy and satisfaction when you watch your blossoms grow.

  1. Multipurpose areas

We expect that interior decorating trends for will feature multipurpose spaces, in keeping with recent architectural advances. Use every corner with creative room-partitioning strategies.

  1. Zen Interiors

Light wood, simple lines and floating surfaces create a zen-like ambience. These locations have natural, real decor with a less is more attitude. This relaxing effect is often achieved by using plants.

  1. Minimalist Accommodations

A space that is minimalistic ally executed well can improve its livability and provide less comforts. To achieve a simple aesthetic, stick to the 1-2 most important elements of furniture (e.g. wood or metal) and reduce decoration. Visual appeal can be created by using contrasting surfaces and patterns.

  1. Home offices

It is becoming increasingly popular to design the perfect home office . There are many sizes and shapes of home offices. You can have a spacious office with everything you need or a small desk in your living room. However, it doesn’t matter how big or small the space looks, the goal is to make it work for you.

  1. Sustainable and Organic Materials

Glassware will be more popular in the home in You can use glass in many ways, including large pendants and walls. You should try to imitate nature and not use plastics as much.

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