Installing carpets in a garage is a great idea to get a warm atmosphere and make the garage appear clean. However, you must not select any regular carpet purchased from neighbourhood stores or leftovers of the rugs that you used inside the house. Standard flooring would make it difficult to clean the carpets. Additionally, these rugs are less capable of bearing the wear and tear in your garage. 

Carpet tiles or garage carpets are a great solution to this problem. Needle-punch carpet is another cost-effective and perfect option for your garage. It has Polypropylene fibre, which is manufactured by needle-punching and weaving methods. They also have noise absorption properties. It minimizes risks by preventing potential slips on wet days.

The best part about such carpets is they have high durability and are easier to clean. And to make it more effective, here are some ways to keep the carpets well maintained.

  • Garage carpets only require vacuum cleaning. Frequent vacuuming will make the carpets look neat and dust-free. All you have to do is clear the place and start vacuuming thoroughly all over the carpets, and you are good to go.
  • These carpets are waterproof; the water evaporates, or you can dry the rug with a towel.
  • The best part about having garage carpets are, they don’t allow stains to penetrate deep in the fibers. Thus, you can clean the stains immediately without the fear of ruining the rugs.
  • Clean the tough stains, automotive fluids, or oil spills by using mild detergents or dishwashing soaps with a soft brush. Remember not to be too harsh while cleaning the stains. Rubbing or scrubbing may ruin the fibers of the carpet, making it less durable.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or substances that might deteriorate the carpet fibers.
  • Lastly, do not perform any welding or other activities that require fire usage. Though the garage carpets are flame retardant, you still need to avoid burning them. Also, avoid car repairing activities, wood shavings, or any such activities that might lead to huge messes. 

Another essential point is the installation of these carpets. While installing them, the carpet installers recommend to glue them down to the floor. It would keep them intact and not displace them. Fitting them with rubber, foam, resin, or latex backing will make them resistant to moisture or wet environments. It will also give the fibers excellent stability and durability.


All in all, garage carpets in NZ have innumerable benefits and are quite easy to install too. They make your garage a multi-purpose room and make it warm and pleasant to work. Now, you never have to worry about driving your cars on them or parking them.

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