I have been tagged by the lovely Yummy Mummy no 1 and I am meant to tell you seven interesting things about me.She tagged me on Tuesday. Its now Thursday. That’s how long its taken me to think of seven interesting facts I asked hubby, he drew a blank (apart from facts that I couldn’t possibly share on here) and when I asked if I was really that boring, his reply was, well….no, you just tell everyone everything.Yeah. Nice save there hubby OK, so here are my seven facts.

  • I have five fingers. Do you want to read that again? Five fingers on each hand, and two thumbs. So in total I have 12 digits. Yup! When I was born on each little finger was another baby digit. They were swiftly cut off with cat gut and they’re now teeny tiny little bumps on my fingers. Hubby thinks this is why I type so fast. I know it sounds disgusting, but to me, all you smooth fingered people are odd. I’m the normal one! Neither of my children have the extra digits, so I’m waiting for the grandchildren to have them.
  • I have seven tattoos. I love tattoos. Mine are angel on my ankle, a beautiful flower design over the top of my foot and around my ankle, a chinese dragon on my lower side, a flower on my stomach (big mistake pre babies!) a sun/star on my middle back, stars on my neck and writing on my wrist. I love all of them, they all mean something. The most special is the stars on my neck, there are 5 stars in total, 4 smaller ones to represent the babies we have lost, and 1 larger one to represent little miss. I need to get little man added in there somewhere very soon.
  • I have a degree in photography. This is also where I met hubby! I love taking photos but I couldn’t stand being told what to take pictures of, or how to style them so I was forever falling out with my tutors. (Didn’t help that I was also leading their star pupil astray) These days I tend to stick to taking photos for my own use. That way no one can critique them.
  • I am terrified of birds/moths/butterflies/bees/wasps and anything with wings! I also hate fish. If anything with wings comes near me, I will run as far as I can, as fast as I can. I don’t care what I’m doing at that moment in time, or who I’m with. If I’m holding little man, he’ll be saved and I’ll run with him, otherwise he’s left behind and his terrible mummy will just go! And I refuse to go in the sea. Fish actually LIVE in there.
  • I hate coffee. With a vengeance. I wont eat coffee sweets, coffee ice cream, anything coffee flavoured. I wish I did like it because with two kiddies I’m sure it would come in handy, but until they invent a “non coffee, coffee” I’ll have to stick with my redbull.
  • I can’t watch scary films. Ever. I remember once watching a Halloween thing, and I was frightened for months! Luckily hubby hates scary films too, in fact I think he’s probably worse than I am! I have found him hiding under a cushion at many scary points in a film. And when I say scary, these films are normally a 15 rating, so not exactly freddie kruger style.
  • I have always wanted to be a writer. When I was younger I flitted between writing and designing. Then it moved to photography but writing has always been my first love. I love writing my blog, and I love knowing that somebody is reading it (even if it is only my mum and hubby) Who knows, when I grow up I might be a famous blogger. I now have to tag seven ladies, and hope they’ve not already been tagged, so here we go.

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