Mirror, mirror on the wall, you need to be carefully installed! Oh yes! Do you know what the most stressful thing is when packing while moving houses?! It’s caring for the fragile items and furniture in your luggage. The beauty of these items in adorning your home is unquestionable. But beautiful items such as these also require a lot of care and gentle handling. And this shouldn’t be avoided even during the chaotic time moving home.

There are people who don’t give much thought about separately packing the glass items, and always tend to work with those in the similar way as other furniture. But, we all know how delicate and fragile glass is. And even if it gets a minor scratch, a huge damage is done to it, which often requires a replacement of this entire thing. And the cost of it can be well imagined! So, isn’t it better that you are cautious from the start and pack it with utmost care?

Efficient Ways to Pack Fragile Items Like Mirror and Glass With Care!

We understand the anxiousness you’d be feeling when you are shifting your house. And in this haphazard situation, it’s natural to ignore the need to pack all those special but fragile items separately. But, are you ready to face the expensive consequences of the same? Of course not! That’s why you should try following the steps mentioned below — these may demand some of your time, but will really help you pack your mirrors and glass items properly.

  • Hire Professionals for This Task — So, you are too stressed with your moving plannings and tasks and packing all the stuff may seem a heavy mountain to lift! So why not let the professionals handle this tough situation for you? One of the famous service providers as furniture removalists, even interstate, are Acorn Furniture Removals. They can do this task efficiently for you. They have got skilled staff and tons of experience to handle all the fragile items, furniture, etc. skilfully for you.
  • Use Bubble Wraps and Thick Paddings — Glasses and mirrors require a firm and solid protection against any kind of dent. Ensure you are cushioning it with bubble wraps and padding for a safer transportation.
  • The Box Sizes Should Be Appropriate— Never try to take a too small box which keeps the items cramped or a too large one that leaves them tingling or moving while in transit. Better pick ones that are the perfect size, leaving no chances of cluttering or damage.
  • Be Firm While Packing —It’s essential to be firm when packing the boxes with the tapes. You should seal it tightly and keep no place for openings in the boxes — the tighter the packaging, the minimal are the chances of damage.
  • The Fragile Label is Essential— Even if you pack everything correctly, if it’s mishandled while transporting or moving, the damage can be inevitable. In order to avoid the same, you should put the fragile label on it so that anyone handling it is aware of the nature of products in the box.

The glasses and mirrors in your furniture are certainly valuable and needs proper care to ensure they are transported safely. Be sure to follow the above guidelines to prevent any losses or damages of these delicate items. 

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