You probably thought of skipping the salon’s visit for manicure and decided to treat yourself at home! Well, nothing wrong in it as far as the cosmetics for your skin and body do not touch your furniture or carpets! And hell!  You actually did end up spilling nail paint on your carpet. But hey! No need to scream and panic. Though nail paint can be super tough to clean, but it’s not an impossible task after all.

How Can You Clean the Nail Paint From Your Carpets?

We know just how much you love painting your nails. And most of the time you pick up the darkest shades and thickest quality of paint for your nails. Such a tough and stunning paint will undoubtedly look awesome on your nails. But we doubt if you could say the same if it falls on your carpet. And if you’re here because such an incident happened and you want a solution for the same, then read on!

  • Immediate action to clean — If you have just dropped the nail paint, then you can even get rid of it before the problem increases. Just take a paper towel and scoop away the fallen layer from the carpet. Follow by scraping the one stuck on your carpet with a knife or any such object. After this you can use a soapy solution to clean the remnants of the paint.
  • Dishwashing liquid and water solution — If the polish has been spilled for quite some time now and the paint has already stained the carpet — still, there’s no need to panic! We can get rid of this tough stain with some efforts. You should try dissolving a very little amount of dishwashing liquid with water and pour it on the spilled paint. Let it stay on the carpet for some time and then scrub it gently. Most probably, the nail paint will lighten and come out after a few trials. But remember, the procedure can be slow. Don’t ever use bleach based liquids or detergents to clean it in a hurry.
  • Vinegar and baking soda can do wonders— The first thing that comes to your mind when everything else fails is the mighty vinegar in your kitchen. And along with baking soda, it makes the best solution to remove the spilled nail paint from your carpet immediately. Just sprinkle a teaspoon full of baking soda on the fallen paint and then pour the vinegar on top of it. You’ll soon see an acidic action take place on the carpet and immediately start cleaning the nail paint with a cloth or a mop.
  • Rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover — If you are using rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or nail polish remover to get rid of the nail paint on the carpet, try pouring the solution in minimum quantities and cleaning with a paper towel.
  • Professional cleaners — When nothing of the above works, don’t fret! Call Carpet Cleaning for Perth for carpet cleaning. They’ll easily and efficiently clean the nail paint along with thoroughly cleaning the stain from it making it look like new again.

Nail polish is a dream cosmetic of every woman. And we all own it. But don’t let yourself get disheartened by your favourite cosmetic just because of these stains. Try the above measures and use it freely once again. 

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