When renovating a kitchen, the average cost ranges from $10,000 to $18,000. But what if we tell you that exceptional renovations can be achieved at a lower price? 

Renovations are undertaken when either the property is put up for sale or the owner wants to change the look  Whatever the case may be, remodellings don’t need to be a massive dent on your pocket.

Since the kitchen is an integral part of the house, you must put thought into the new design

 Why don’t we help you accomplish your goal while being on a budget? 

Spare three minutes of your time and save plenty of money! 

1. Paint your Floors and Cabinets

Replacing your floors and cabinets will come at a hefty price. But renovating them won’t!

Instead of paying for expensive replacements, focus on repairs and paint them as per your desire. 

A fresh coat of paint is the antidote to dull decor and comes at an affordable price. Ask your specialists of kitchen renovations in Gold Coast to replace the cabinet doors if needed and paint them well. 

2. It’s an Inexpensive Fix that Lasts Long

Take up DIY lighting

While the natural light will keep your spirits high in the kitchen during the day time, you need eye-catching fixtures for an incredible cooking and dining experience at night. Brass and gold-plated faucets and light fixtures are gaining significant attention and appreciation in the market, especially if you have white or gold decor.

3. Visit a Backyard Sale

From a chandelier to faucets and fixtures, a highly inexpensive yet unexpected place to find incredible accessories for your kitchen is a backyard sale. 

Accessorising your kitchen with knick-knacks is a brilliant way of leaving accents and traces of your personality in the decor. Along with the accessories mentioned above, place a Persian rug in the kitchen for an enhanced look. 

4. Use Idle Space

If you have extra space in your kitchen that is getting wasted, use it wisely.

You can hang pots from the ceiling for a dramatic look. Also, use the vacant space above your stove to install a floating cabinet. Doubled cabinets are another great addition which provides you with storage space along with a streamlined look.

Open shelving and vertical slabs also ensure better utilisation of available space while keeping every essential within your reach. 

5. Widen your Kitchen Space

No construction work needed!

Even if yours is a small kitchen, a few simple tricks can make it appear to be bigger. 

Opt for nude palettes instead of royal or bold colours. Use mirror splashbacks or reflective material such as stainless steel for eye-catching kitchen renovations in Gold Coast.

All of these ideas clubbed with natural lighting create the illusion of a bigger space.

Beauty indeed lies in the eyes of the beholder. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t contribute to making your kitchen a comfortable and attractive place. Bookmark this post and get started with the kitchen designing. Good luck!

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