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The image of smokey eyes immediately brings up glamorous eye makeup that makes you look like a diva. This instantly transforms the appearance of your face, making it more stylish and attractive. It takes just a few minutes to master this look. This tutorial will show you how to apply smokey eyes for beginners easily. These steps will help you achieve a chic, high-voltage look anytime!!


You can smudge your eyeliner pencil if you’re looking for easy ways to create smokey eyes. How to Select Eyeshadow Colors for Different Skins is the guide you need. We’ll show you how to make smokey eyes for beginners. This is how it’s done!!

Start with clean skin

First, wash your face well.

You can get an oil-free cleanser to remove all traces of oil and dirt from your skin’s creases.

This will make the makeup pigments for the smokey eyes stand out in all their brilliance.

Your eye makeup will also last for many hours without cracking or fading.

It is essential to have a clear canvas to master the how-to smokey eye makeup tutorial with pictures.

Use an eye primer

We’re now going to discuss how to make smokey eyes for beginners.

Primer is a foundation that can smoothen out lines and creases on the skin.

The De’Lanci eye primer is applied to the skin around your eyes. It helps them appear smoother and gives you a uniform surface.

If you have oily skin, this step is essential.

After you have applied the primer, let it dry for a few minutes before applying any color.

Use concealer for best results

This step will show you how to make smokey eye makeup. Eye makeup, especially smokey eye makeup, will be weakened if it has dark circles or spots.

Dark circles around your eyes can be reduced by using the correct color-correcting concealer.

Orange and peach are great shades to cancel out any bluish circles.

DE’LANCI Multicolor Concealer for Dark Skin offers the best options to match your skin tone.

Dab it around your eyes instead of dragging it to ensure the product settles evenly on the skin.

This will create the perfect base for your smokey eyes to shine brightly.

Start with primary colors

It’s a good idea to stick with the basics when you first learn how to smokey eye makeup.

Once you have mastered the technique, you can experiment with colors and glitters to create more dramatic effects.

You can achieve classic smokey eyes by combining black and basic brown.

DE’LANCI Nude Smokey eyeshadow palette is an excellent option for beginners.

It comes in browns and blacks, as well as the highlighter shade. This allows you to achieve the perfect balance of dark and light.

Make sure you choose the right tools

As you apply smokey eyes for beginners, your makeup tools will be your best friend!

You can use brushes to apply colors to your eyelids instead of using your fingers.

To apply eyeshadow pigments properly, you will need the blending brush, the eyeshadow brush, and the small-tipped meeting.

Choose a set such as DE’LANCI Starry Explorer Eye Makeup Brush Set, which contains all the tiny brushes needed for applying eye makeup.

Begin with the eyeshadow brush

Now it’s time for you to apply the colors from the how-to smokey eye makeup tutorial for beginners.

Apply the mid-toned nude color all over your eyelids to create a subtle smokey look.

For beginners, staying with brown to achieve a more muted look is safe.

Apply the pigment to the outer corner of the upper lid.

Blend it until it reaches the crease, and then extend it to the outer edges of your eyes.

It should form a smooth, darker gradient of color to the base color of your eyeshadow.

Blend to contour your eyes

Let’s continue with how to make smokey eyes for beginners. Now it’s time to highlight the look.

To achieve the perfect smokey look, brighten the area around your eyes.

Use the white highlighter in the De’Lanci Color Highlighter Palette to brighten your face.

You can use the highlighter to lightly brush the middle of your lid for a radiant look.

Ensure that all colors are blended into a smooth transition.

Get a new look for your lashes

You can frame your color with your lashes, whether you want to go for a simple smokey look or a more dramatic shading. These are the steps to create smokey eyes for beginners.

Use regular black eyeliner to draw along your upper lids as closely as possible to the lash line.

To blend with the smokey look, smudge the line.

Black or brown eyeshadows are best for the lower lash line.

For a soft look, a shade close to the lower lash line and brush it out.

Brown will give your eyes a more natural look, while black will make them appear larger.

Make the ultimate wings

This is the last stage of our tutorial on how to make smokey eyes for beginners. You can now achieve the classic smokey look with the De’Lanci La Catrina eyeliner set.

This step can be done with a brush or pen.

Make a small wing to cover the tip of your smokey cigarette.

Connect the outer wings to the lower lash line.

This will give you a bright, framed, smokey-eye look.

Apply mascara to the lashes to add depth and dimension to your eyes.

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