Do you struggle with your hair? Have you found yourself addicted to using your straighteners or expensive styling serums and thinking, ” Why doesn’t my hair just behave?” Do you spend hours styling your hair every morning only to find it going wild or completely flat in no time.

We know hair
Stone Bridge knows a lot about hair, how it grows and how you can take care of it. We know the truth about a lot of salon treatments and we won’t lie and say something is perfectly safe for your hair when it isn’t. Book your own personal consultation, either over the phone or in person and we will take the time to tell you everything you will ever need to know about how to care for your hair on a day to day basis. Stone Bridge is frequently featured in the national press, including The Telegraph, The Guardian, Cosmopolitan and Country Life. Because we don’t sell shampoos or styling products, we can give you a completely unbiased opinion about your hair. If a product will not fix your hair, we will tell you.

Before your consultation
Before your consultation, a full chemical analysis and microscopic survey will be done on a strand of your hair to help us gain a picture of the overall health of your hair. We will need you to fill out a detailed questionaire about the problems you are finding with your hair, along with full information about your daily routine. We will also need to see a picture of your hair as it tends to look on an average day.

What does it  cost
The typical woman can spend anywhere from £60 to £250 every year on shampoo, conditioner and other styling products alone, which in fact you may not even need. Add to this salon treatments and haircuts and the average woman spends upwards of £600 per year on styling her hair. This is big business for the hair care industry. And then many of these products do not deliver on their promise of healthy hair. They either do nothing or they actually damage your hair. And then the industry wants to sell you more products with the fantasy that damaged hair can be ‘repaired’ or ‘restored’Our methods are not popular with shampoo companies precisely because they do not require you to buy any products at all.

The information you learn from us is about the biological facts specific to your hair, which fundamentally will not ever change in your lifetime.So even a basic consultation with us will save you £1000s within even just a few years. Having healthy looking hair and a good, flattering hair style appropriate to your personal style and the shape of your face can make you look younger and healthier. The confidence of knowing that your hair looks great and having the skills you need to easily fix your hair during the day – even when you are too busy to look in the mirror – will help you have less day to day stress and generally feel better about your entire appearance.Want to learn more Click here for full information about how to book your lab test and personal consultation.

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