Carpet manufacturers recommend that carpets be steam cleaned at least once a year. This will keep dirt and stains from sticking to the carpet. Carpets are just like people. If they don’t get the proper care, then big problems can occur. What happens if you spill juice on your sofa?

Clean Carpets = Clean Air

While most homeowners are aware that polluted air can cause respiratory issues, many people don’t realize the extent of the damage happening right under their noses. Indoors pollution is caused by invisible dust particles, dirt particles, and spores in carpets. Carpets act like filters, trapping pollutants in fibres. These eventually break down and release more pollutants into the atmosphere. Carpets can contribute to the build-up of chemical contaminants in your home. Carpet cleaning professionals are equipped with the right equipment to clean carpets without releasing harmful particles back into your home. Carpets are an essential part of your family’s health. Don’t take them for granted.

How can Carpet Cleaners remove stains from Carpets?

  • Professional Carpet Cleaning in Auckland Equipment: This is why stains don’t get onto carpets. Carpet cleaners use less water than traditional household carpet cleaners. This allows dirt to be kept in the machine and not pushed further into carpet fibres. Carpet cleaners are experts in removing stains, spills, and grime from all types of carpet.
  • Carpet Cleaning Solutions: Carpet cleaners can use special solutions to remove different types of stains. Some stain remain on the surface, while others are pulled into the fibres and broken down by bacteria or enzymes. Carpet cleaning companies are able to treat any stain in your home. This is what Carpet Cleaning professionals have done before and they will again. They can remove even stubborn stains from carpets in one go.
  • It is important that your Carpets are professionally cleaned at least twice per year if you have pets, children, or allergies. Professional Carpet Cleaning can help maintain the appearance of your home’s traffic areas.

Now that you’ve spilled juice all over your couch, what do you do?

These stains can also be treated by carpet cleaning companies. Some stains require special attention to be treated. They can cause permanent damage and destruction to carpets and upholstery. These stains should be dealt with as soon as possible. Carpet cleaning companies can save you up to $100 on carpet replacement costs by using specially formulated solutions. Carpet cleaners can use spot removers, carpet protector sprays, and other tools to remove stains from carpets.

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