Recording studios are facilities that are used primarily for sound recording and mixing. These studios are essential for sound recording and mixing. Without them, the music we listen to every day on our smartphones or iPods wouldn’t be impossible. These 4 studios, out of millions across the world, changed the face and played an important role in the evolution of music.

Abbey Road Studios, England

Abbey Road Studios, a recording studio in London’s northwestern suburb of London, was established in 1931 by the Gramophone Company. This studio is closely linked to the Beatles, and they recorded most of their albums there. Radiohead and Pink Floyd also used this studio to record a few albums. Many film score composers loved Abbey Road. Here were recorded OSTs for the Star Wars Franchise and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

These are the top albums recorded here

  • The Beatles – Abbey Road (1969).
  • Pink Floyd – On The Dark Side of the Moon (1973).
  • Radiohead – The Ends (1981).

Trident Studios, England

Another popular recording studio, the trident Studios, was established in London between 1968-81. The first four studio albums by Queen were recorded at Trident Studios. Other notable works recorded in the tridentstudio include Hey Jude by the Beatles and David Bowie’s The rise and fall Ziggy Stardust. The studio was used by many other artists, including Thin Lizzy, Rolling Stones and Bee Gees. Trident Studios was also the first to employ Dolby noise reduction.

These are the top albums recorded here

  • Rolling Stones – Let it Bleed (1969)
  • Queen – Queen (1973)
  • David Bowie – The Spiders From Mars (1972).

Sunset Sound Recorders, USA

Sunset Sound Recorders is an audio recording studio located in the heart of Hollywood. Sunset Sound Recorders originally aimed to record music for Walt Disney films. However, it has since been used to record some great rock and roll songs. Sunset Sound Recorders has produced more than 200 gold records, including albums by greats like The Rolling Stones and Guns N Roses.

These are the top albums recorded here

  • Doors-The Doors (1967).
  • Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin II (1969) and Led Zeppelin IV (1972)
  • Jet – Get Born

The Electric Lady Studios USA

Jimi Hendrix built the electric lady studio, a recording facility in New York. It has been used to produce material for many artists, including John Lennon and Stevie Wonder, as well as Carlos Santana, U2, Led Zeppelin and U2. It was the first studio owned by an artist when it was built.

These are the top albums recorded here

  • Rebel Yell – Billy Idol (1983).
  • Supernatural – Carlos Santana (1999)

These iconic studios were inspired by many new studios and offer top-notch audio recording facilities.

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