If you want to revamp your lawn or give the backyard the much-needed makeover, then installing artificial grass is one of the best options. It is cost-effective, easy to maintain and install, and provides a beautiful visual appearance to the place. No matter where you want to install it, you have to be careful while hiring the contractor. 

Following are the vital things you need to do while hiring a contractor to install artificial grass. 

  1. Check the credentials of the grass installer. 

Even if grass installation seems to be a trivial thing for you, we suggest hiring an expert for the purpose. A reliable grass installer is an experienced person with trained staff, well-equipped, and is proficient in the work. But before you hire him, you need to evaluate his credentials like experience, reviews, and ratings, certifications, licenses, etc. 

  1. Note down the relevant questions you want to ask. 

The hiring process might begin with a screening phase in which you evaluate the credentials online and shortlist the best three contractors. It is followed by an interview process in which you know how professional the person is. You can prepare a list of relevant questions to be asked such as – the procedure of artificial grass in NZ installation, what kind of turfs do they have, how much time it will take, what the charges are, any negotiation, etc. 

You can find two possibilities – a good contractor will have ready answers to your questions, and he will appear confident. While the others might not be confident in responding to your queries or won’t have adequate answers. If a contractor looks fumbled up or refrains from answering, he is not the right contractor for you. 

  1. Ask for a written quote from the contractors. 

When you have shortlisted contractors, ensure that you seek a written, elaborate quote and not an estimate. Some contractors even orally tell their rates and how much it will cost you for turf installation. Let us tell you that it is not the right method to know about the charges. You need to know everything about hidden costs, material and labour costs, and not orally, but in a written format. 

  1. Negotiate and enter into a contract. 

Opt for only those contractors who are willing to negotiate rates and are transparent in their approach. Similarly, it is mandatory to enter into a legally binding contract between the two parties. If someone refuses a contract, red-fag him. A contract also enables you to call the contractor for any repairs or replacement work. 

In a nutshell, the above things will help you in hiring a perfect grass installer and redecorating your backyard or a certain part of your home. Just be focused and do not jumble up things. 

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