After driving a car for a few kilometers, the driver may feel slightly wobbling. The reason for the wobbling is that the wheel alignment has been compromised. It is important to fix this immediately, as sudden vibrations while driving can cause damage to the car’s axle and tyres. This problem can be solved by wheel balancing. Many local shops offer this service. The dealership that purchased the car also takes care of this issue. These tips and tricks you can use to ensure your car’s wheels are aligned properly.

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If your vehicle is not in alignment, your tyres can wear faster and more unevenly. You will also notice that your vehicle uses more fuel. Bush Road Tyres should align your vehicle if there is uneven wear to the front and rear tyres, or a rise in fuel consumption.

You can improve the life expectancy of your tyres by having your wheel alignment checked before you install a new set of tyres. This should be done either every 12 months, or 15,000 kms, depending on which comes first.

What’s the difference between a wheel alignment and a wheel balance?

What is the difference between wheel alignment & wheel balancing?

A wheel alignment┬árefers to when your car’s wheels are aligned at the right angle. They should be parallel to one another and perpendicular with the road. Your car will move straighter if you have a wheel alignment.

A wheel balanced┬áinvolves balancing your wheel with a weight that is on the opposite side from the spot. Your car’s tyres won’t vibrate if you balance them.

Some tips on wheel alignment

  • If the car drifts in one direction or the other while driving, the wheels likely need to be balanced. You can maintain the balance of your tires by not driving on roads or potholes, and avoid rash driving.
  • When buying a new car tyre, the tire’s dimensions must match the manufacturer’s specifications. Incorrect tyres can cause instability and reduce performance.
  • It is important to know the direction and angle in which the tyres are placed on the axle. Camber is the inward and outer tilt of any tire and is determined by the car manufacturer. Any sudden collision with a pothole could cause displacement of the camber and further affect the alignment.
  • The Toyota service centres ensure proper wheel balance when you purchase Toyota cars. Toyota service centres are like most car manufacturers, as they ensure proper tyre balance while selling cars to ensure that buyers do not have any problems. Prospective buyers should ask the same question when purchasing a car from a dealership. If there is a problem, contact the concerned persons immediately.
  • Also, it is important to note that the pressure inside tyres must be the right amount. It should not exceed the required quantity. When people purchase Hyundai cars, they should first inquire about the pressure at which the gas can be filled in the tires. These questions can be answered by visiting Hyundai service centers or taking the vehicle to a local mechanic.
  • It is important to remember that the tyres should be replaced every other interval. They also need to be checked once a year for bulges. The tires’ rubber and treads can become looser due to hitting potholes at a higher speed. This can cause serious alignment problems and must be addressed immediately.
  • Always align the car with the suspension and steering components in mind. These should be in a precise ratio to maintain the car balance.

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