Many entertainment business ideas will suit your interests and experience, from nightlife to specialty sports (and everything in between).

You’ll find your perfect idea in our curated listing and soon be on your way to owning an Entertainment company!


Archery is gaining popularity, especially among families. You might consider opening an archery range if you are familiar with the sport or love the outdoors. Although experience and training are not required, having a solid knowledge of the sport is a great advantage.

Depending on where you are located and how your startup is set up, startup costs can vary greatly. Your most significant expense will be the land, followed closely by equipment and insurance. If you have an excellent property, this will help to lower your startup costs. This business has a high potential for earning if you have the right location and do some marketing. Companies can make between $20-50k and six figures in their first year.


An arcade business could be the right venture if you are passionate about arcade games and love a fast-paced, noisy work environment. Although no formal education is necessary, you must have strong people skills and a keen business sense. You can cut overhead costs by having the required mechanical skills to fix and maintain games.

The startup costs can be high as you will need to rent a lot of space and play a variety of arcade games before your business opens. It can cost anywhere from $250,000 up to $1 Million. Your earning potential is high, depending on how your business model works. Every game can bring in at least $10k annually. This industry can be sustainable with the right location and target audience. It also has excellent growth potential.


Opening a challenge course can be a great idea if you’re looking for a business idea and love the outdoors. You can offer many classes, each requiring a different skill set. These courses are an excellent choice for anyone looking for training in any field, from psychology to military to corporate training. Your facility can be opened up for summer camps.

You will need to purchase a lot of equipment and land. This will increase your startup costs. These courses are top-rated and can make business owners a substantial profit, depending on how many they offer and where they are located. While smaller businesses can easily make six figures annually, larger companies can make seven.


Entrepreneurs with a broad range of talents and interests, such as restaurant management, marketing, theater, and business, are most successful in starting a dinner theater business. It is necessary to work a flexible schedule, which may include weekends and nights.

Although startup costs can be prohibitive ($500k minimum), significant potential profits depend on how well you sell food and beverages. The suitable business model and pull will ensure diners find new and creative ways to enjoy their evenings out.


People who love duckpin bowling and want to start a business that offers this unique sport are well-suited. The business owners must also have the necessary mechanical skills to maintain the alley and pinsetters.

When you factor in the cost of the location and the equipment and work required to build and operate a functional bowling alley, startup costs for a duckpin bowling alley business are high at around $45k per lane. With the proper marketing and services, your business can be a great success once it is established. You can expand your business to other locations as you gain popularity.


Entrepreneurial gamers can start a game truck to make a living and share their passion. Parties and events will likely book you, so be ready to work weekends and extended hours to make a profit. Owners of game truck businesses need to be able to offer multiple gaming systems to partygoers and be familiar with each one. Owners should also be able to troubleshoot problems with the techniques and haul the trailer. They should enjoy working with all age groups.

The startup costs can be high ($50,000-$75,000 for the game-theatre plus the equipment and hauling it), but the potential earnings are great. Your annual profit could exceed $100k if you don’t pay a truck loan and host 40 parties per month. Although growth is slow, adding trucks to your fleet over time can help increase your profits.


Entrepreneurs passionate about cars and who love working with people will find a way to start a go-kart business. Although this line of work can be flexible, the busiest hours are on weekends and evenings. Understanding auto mechanics and facility maintenance are essential for business owners. It also helps to ensure safety.

The startup costs for this business range from $300k to 700k annually, while go-kart businesses make between $500k and 700k each year. Your business model and whether you’re part of an entertainment complex will determine your growth potential.

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