Most of the general plumbing jobs seem effortless, but then you should also be ready for the DIY. Plumbing works such as unclogging the sink, bathtub, bathroom, and exhaust pipes is a dirty and tiresome job if you don’t know the right way to do it. Yet, if you find the willingness and courage to do so, nothing is difficult. No matter how cheesy that sounds, it is true. Read on to know how the expert plumbers unclog the bathtub and also find some of the pro tips for bathroom cleaning and plumbing. However, if you are someone that outsources the job, this one still stays relevant. 

  • Tools

The most important task at hand while you are on a cleaning spree is to get the right tools and tackles ready for the job and a Plumbing Job is no different. Certain tools are required to unclog anything in the bathroom and these tools include a bucket or cup filled with boiling water, gloves for cleanliness, a sharp object like a screwdriver for pushing in, microfiber clothes and old rags, a towel, and most importantly a cup plunger. You may also need things like eye-protection gear like eyewear, rubber shoes or boots, and apron. The latter is needed if the job seems extensive and clogging is severe. 

  • Remove Obstacles and Pour In

The good thing about standard bathtubs is that they come with these stoppers and sieves for stopping any hair and other debris from flowing in the sewage. Surprisingly, this is the bad thing for a Plumber in West Auckland. So, when you are cleaning and unclogging a bathtub yourself, make sure you first remove any obstacles such as these stoppers and strainers and take out the debris that is sagging inside them. The next thing you need to do is to pour a cup of boiling water in the sink or sewage at the end of the bathtub exhaust. This will either melt any type of wreckages or let it flow down straight in the sewage.

  • Pumping the Plungers

The last resort for any kind of bathroom cleaning is shoving in the plunger. The cup plunger in the bathroom is one like any customary plunger you will see today. Keep in mind that a plunger should always be used at a 90-degree angle. Set the plunger over the drain of the bathtub to create a snug sealing and pump it up and down. Keep pumping the plunger for 45 seconds or pump it for 15 to 20 times. When you feel like all the garbage is sucked up, your job is done. 

DIY Plumbing jobs are all about keeping it simple and professional. Make sure you follow the same thumb rule. 

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