Quick Guide To Understanding Your Home Inspection Report

The report of the home inspection is an essential part of your buying process. This report will give you detailed information on the condition of your home. You may be unfamiliar with the home inspection report and how to read and navigate them if this is your first time purchasing a home. If you haven’t bought a house in several years, it’s possible that you are unfamiliar with today’s technology.

Below are some tips to help you make the most of your home inspection report.

1. How Will You Deliver The Report?

Most home inspectors deliver their reports in PDF and digital formats. Home inspection reports that are good should be viewed on all devices (mobile, desktops, iPads, etc.). The report should include high-resolution photos and videos, as needed. It should also have a table of content and summary to make navigation easier.

2. Sidebar Navigation

The sidebar navigation is located on the left of the home inspection report. Clicking on the section you want will take you directly to that segment. The sections that have repair recommendations are marked with a blue circle indicating the number of repairs/improvements that were suggested for that section.

3. Viewing Options

Directly beneath the main picture you will find a blue bar that contains button options that allow you to view the full report, view a summary of the suggested repairs/improvements, or view only the significant/safety related items listed within the report. You can also download the summary or full report in PDF format.

4. Sections Of The Body

Each section contains information on the item or component. Subsections provide more details on specific items or components. Lighting fixtures and receptacles, for example, can be found in the electrical section.

In a box color-coded with the recommended repairs or improvements, one or more photos in high resolution will be shown. The client can also view the photos included in a full screen lightbox for a closer look at details. To keep the report clear and understandable, long comments and descriptions can be stored in expandable boxes.

5. Contact us Quickly

With just one click, clients can reach out to their home inspector or Realtor via phone or email for any questions.

6. Report Tools (For Real Estate Agents)

The Real Estate Agent can make their life easier with our advanced home inspection reports. The Real Estate Agent may use the “Report Tools”, located at the upper-right corner of our home inspection report, once the report is finalized and the repair requests have already been discussed with the Buyer.

Repair Request Builder is one of our most popular tools. It allows Real Estate Agents create and share repair requests directly from the home inspection report. The document contains photos, videos, and text that can be customized. It can be sent by email or text to the Real Estate Agent. Read more info about – Home Inspection in Belfast.

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