While detoxing your body has always had a number of health benefits, it is becoming increasingly important as we are being subjected to more and more toxic substances every day. Aside from well-documented toxic ingredients used in many commercially available foods, such as trans fats and high-fructose corn syrup, even foods that promote themselves as natural may contain additives such as pesticides or preservatives. It is believed that many food allergies, such as allergies to certain kinds of seafood or nuts, may actually be the result of preservatives or other chemicals used in their production. Additionally, the pollution in the air and the bacteria-killing chlorine added to most city drinking water can all build up and wreak havoc on your body and your mental state.

Detoxing your body is one way to get rid of the chemical pollutants that have built up in your system. For maximum benefits, detoxing should be done once or twice a year, in order to keep the system clean. By maintaining a consistent detox regimen, toxins will not have the opportunity to build up. This can result in general good health as well as targeting specific problems you may be having with both the body and the mind. Physical effects can include decreased instances of illness, due to a better immune system, as well as a decrease in specific ailments including heartburn and digestive problems as well as excess phlegm in the back of the throat, headaches and muscle pain. The mental effects of detoxing your body can be just as extreme, with the right balance of vitamins and nutrients leading to clearer thought patterns, less stress and greater peace of mind.

There are a number of ways to go about detoxing your body, from special detox drinks to elaborate diets to anti-stress regimens of stretching and yoga. The best detox diets are based in the basic principles of good health and should be gentle on your body. While some diets will laud the benefits of consuming large quantities of chemical laxatives, this will only serve to put further toxins in your system and, if consumed in too large a quantity, can be overly harsh on your intestines. While the aim of detoxing your body is to flush everything out, it can be a shock if it is not done gently. If you have chosen a detoxing regimen that does require the use of laxatives, it is best to use one that is natural or plant-based, such as homemade aloe vera juice. While aloe vera juice is also sold commercially, the laxative ingredient aloin is removed from all products sold in the United States.

Many diets aimed at detoxing your body offer very strict guidelines of what can be consumed each day. While there are commonalities in most diets, such as the banning of red meat and processed foods, each diet has a slightly different take on the best way to flush out toxins. One common diet allows only the consumption of a thin broth for dinner and a drink made of diluted lemon juice and maple syrup throughout the day. While these extreme diets may detox your body more quickly, they also have a high failure rate due to the fact that they are very difficult to stick to. Many people find detoxing to be easier with a diet that allows for personal preference and that does not result in constant hunger pains.

It is important to remember that while many foods may contain toxins, they also provide valuable energy and nutrients to the body and should never be cut out entirely. If you plan on detoxing your body successfully, your diet should still include a variety of fruits, vegetables and proteins which will give you the energy you need to get through the day. Good foods to eat while detoxing include all types of fruits and vegetables, the more colorful the better, as well as oats, live pro-biotic yogurt, and proteins such as fresh fish, beans, lentils, tofu and quorn. Fish that is high in mercury, such as tuna fish, should be avoided, as mercury is one of the toxins you are attempting to flush out.

Health and natural food stores offer many additional supplements that will help in detoxing your body. While some, such as aloe vera juice, tea tree oil or mint leaves may be sold separately and intended for a variety of purposes, many companies have started to manufacture combinations of vitamins, herbs and supplements aimed at detoxing your body. While some of these might work, it is important to talk to an expert before settling on any one supplement. Many so-called body cleansers make claims based on poor research or even a complete lack of research, and while they probably will not harm you, their ingredients may not have the cleansing effect they claim. Whatever regiment you decide on, however, detoxing your body can be an effective method of promoting good health, longevity and peace of mind.

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