Willie Falcon Net worth: American entrepreneur Willie Falcon can also be a speedboat driver, a drug dealer, and a media personality. After being arrested for distributing 70 tonnes of cocaine in 1991, he became well-known throughout the country.

Willie Falcon has founded several administration companies. He also owns a private construction company. His high-speed motor race wins are just a few of his accomplishments.

Falcon is close to Sal Magluta, his friend. He also has a strong interest in medicine.

Netflix also released a mini-series called ‘Cocaine Cowboys, The Kings of Miami’. It was based largely on the narratives of Sal Magluta (and Falcon). According to reports, Augusto Willie Falco could be the subject of a book called “The Company”.

Let’s look at Willie Falcon’s bio, wife and bail.


September 1, 1955, was the date of Willie Falcon’s birth. Despite not knowing his parents’ names, Willie Falcon grew up in Cuba alongside Gustavo Falcon and his family. He has a stronger bond with his mother, who he loves. He attended a non-public college in Cuba and enrolled at Miami Senior High College to complete his high school education. He dropped out of high school and worked with Sal Magluta to make money. Augusto Willie Falcon is his real name. They began selling marijuana and cocaine while still in school. They left their school together after the end of school.


Falcon Magluta and Sal Magluta co-founded the construction industry. He also oversees the administration sector. These businesses were established to protect black money. He also participated in many speedboat races.

He finished second in group races, but he did win a lot with Magluta.

Willie dropped out of college to get a job in the pharmaceutical industry. He began to use marijuana with Sal Magluta, his best friend. However, after some experience, he switched to cocaine. They operate almost throughout Florida together. Falcon attempts to make a deal with the customer. He is known for his friendly and engaging manner.

Magluta explained purchasing and promoting the items after closing the sale. Magluta also assessed the risks involved. They immediately obtained medications from the Medellin cartel. They built the world’s largest Cocaine company between the 1970s and the 1980s.

Marital Status

Alina Rossique, a Russian lady, was married to Willie Falcon. They had three children, Eileen Martinez and Jessica Falcon. Alina was about to leave the beauty salon when she was involved in an incident that left her with serious injuries and ultimately led to her death. According to later reports, the violence was not provoked. Alina was just 33 years old at that time.

Willie Falcon deported

Falcon, a friend and good friend of Sal Magluta, offered a lot of medication. The majority of the drugs they were selling were cocaine. He was sentenced to a 14-year term in prison in 2003. In 2017, he was released on bail and deported to the Dominican Republic.

Willie Falcon’s Net Worth

Willie Falcon’s narcotics businesses and transactions were well-recompensated. His wealth enabled him to live a luxurious lifestyle. Rumors abound that his yachts, motels, and posh bars were venues for parties.

He is expected to make between USD 200-250k per year from drug deals. He also receives compensation for his construction and real estate businesses. Willie Falcon’s net worth in 2022 is between USD 45 and 55 million.

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