He was known as “Willy Falcon” and was a member of the Cocaine Cowboys. Willy Falcon co-founded the building and administration industries, in addition to winning group races together with Sal Magluta. These businesses are primarily used to protect black money. Willy Falcon has a real-estate business through which he also receives payments. His net worth is not public. His illustrious career contributed to his net wealth.

At the moment, Willy Falcon’s net worth is unknown. His biography is about his involvement in the infamous cocaine smuggling group, the ‘Cocaine Cowboys. Sal Magluta, his future business partner, was a high school student who had sold marijuana and cocaine. Magluta and he decided to leave high school to enter the drug industry to succeed in business.

Willy Falcon may have had a net worth of over $100 million by 2021. When he shipped cocaine to the United States, his net worth could have exceeded $100 million. He made a fortune smuggling cocaine into Colombia and selling it in America. Falcon’s high school career began in Cuba. As a young adult, he was an associate in a Miami cocaine smuggling group.

Willy Falcon was a friend of Sal Magluta in high school. He would become his business partner. They began selling pot and cocaine together in high school. He was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment in 2003. After his release on bail, the Dominican Republic deported him. He co-founded several management firms and owned his own construction company. He participated in speed motor racing groups.

His criminal record does not reflect his net worth, even though he was sentenced to more than 20 years. His lawyer managed to reduce his sentence after he was convicted of money laundering and obstruction of justice. Falcon’s net worth was unknown after his lawyer tried to delay the case for more than ten years. Knowing the details about his criminal history is necessary to calculate his net worth.

Dealing drugs was a lucrative business for Willy Falcon. Sal Magluta facilitated the transportation of approximately 75 tons of cocaine throughout the US. They owned numerous banks and construction companies. Willy Falcon made between USD 45 million and USD 55 million. However, this number is still not known. The truth will likely come out. We’ll have to wait until the documentary to learn more about the rapper’s fortune.

His criminal record has contributed to Willy Falcon’s huge net worth. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2003. However, he pleaded guilty to a crime in 2017 and was finally deported. His net worth has risen to more than $ 1 million since his release from prison. He has many shady crimes that have brought him this amount of money. He is the most successful criminal of all time, and many people are trying to get into his business.

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