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Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever is a docuseries that examines the lives of seemingly innocent neighbors who become criminals. What’s Yourself Khater doing today?

Warning! Spoilers for Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever!

Is Youssef Khan, the con artist featured in Netflix’s new series Worst roommate? Episode 3, “Marathon Man,” introduced Khater to the audience. It focuses on the life and crimes that led to the charismatic hustler. Youssef Khater was a former marathon runner convicted in April 2011 of multiple fraud offenses and attempted murder in Chile. However, he received a very brief sentence. Netflix’s new series Worst Roommate is a five-part series that focuses on seemingly innocent neighbors who become criminals, scammers and sometimes even murderers. Netflix is well-known for its detailed crime documents. The worst Roommate ever is one of those.

At the time, Youssef Khter was 33 years old and of Lebanese descent. However, he posed as a Palestinian marathon runner and owned a Chilean hostel with 12 bedrooms. Carlos Medina of Federacion Palestina sponsored Khater for the marathon. They gave him $8,000 to enter, and he stole the money. Apart from the scamming, he tried to murder and bury Callie Quinn, one of his hostel roommates, to keep the security deposit he had stolen from his housemates. Quinn survived, but Khater managed to escape. As her lawyer attempted to arrest him, they discovered that he had also stolen over $50,000 from Dominic Rayner, a British runner. He was also arrested in Denmark in 2009 for arson and embezzlement. However, he never made it to trial. According to Netflix’s crime documentary, Khater was finally captured in July 2011. However, he was only in prison for a short time.

Khater was released in 2014 and went to prison for 600 days. Khater was reportedly running another marathon in Costa Rica under the alias Josef Maria, as reported by Texas Monthly. Khater was last seen again in 2017 when he was taken into custody in Puerto Viejo, accused of massive fraud. He was released soon after. Khater may still be scamming people using different names. His last confirmed sighting was in Denmark in 2018. He may still be scamming hundreds under one of his most popular names, Josef Maria and Joseph Carter. The Netflix documentary shows the innocent faces of these people.

It is extremely disturbing that Youssef Khan Khater has not been seen or heard from in 2018, as it suggests that he is being protected. His past girlfriends and close friends have described him as attractive, charismatic, and mesmerizing, making him an unlikely criminal. He has no idea of his past and can persuade or scam hundreds more people. He has done it repeatedly with little consequences. His rather frightening luck is evident in the fact that he only lived 600 days after trying to murder and bury his housemate.

There has been very little or no coverage of Khater since 2018. The success of Netflix’s crime series will hopefully lead to more sightings. He is well-known for his ability to escape his crimes and has done an outstanding job fleeing foreign countries before being caught. Perhaps someone will be watching Worst Roommate Ever to recognize Youssef. The victims he scammed and nearly killed can finally get justice, and he won’t be able to hurt any more people.

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